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Lucky Charms

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  1. Accutane is a miracle drug. Be patient. You are improving greatly.

    1. After reading your past few posts, I like you better than ever!Well said!

      1. Ah, my favorite New Yorker! I'm well and you?

        1. Almost summer? It was 100 today...summer has arrived, my friend!

          1. and I give the love right back to you...How was the lobster ravioli? YummO I presume.

            1. And yeah, E., being 25 is rough. I feel so sorry for you, you poor thing!

              1. Are you trying to tell me you're a woman?!?!

                1. Awesome.

                  I need some chocolate covered frozen bananas............Yumm-O!

                  1. Bless you for serving our country. Your face looks fabulous for having been struck by a bomb! You don't have to worry 'bout a thing!

                    1. But....I wasn't done with you...come back..please come back.

                      1. Congratulations

                        Reid! Do me proud and get good grades.

                        1. cool avatar...

                          50 posts in 1 day? WOW.

                          1. Could you get any cuter? I think not.

                            1. Dammit fckin shit! I missed your call. I tried calling you back. Were you in the streets with Keeley?

                              1. Did my pm make any sense?

                                1. Did you get my text? It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

                                  1. Did you read my newest comment from one of the nicest people you'll ever meet? He is SO nice. Hope we get to meet the world's nicest guy soon:)

                                    1. Easter just isn't Easter without Peeps. But I warned you!

                                      1. Either you're standing me up or you're fashionably late.

                                        1. Fuck Missyjean. The lounge is boring without YOU. Regrese a amigo.

                                          1. Guess where I went today?