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  1. pyro123

    pitted scarring

    I have the same type of scar. i thought TCA cross will help, maybe subsiccion. Good luck.
  2. Your scars look like mine and only done one treatment of needling. I am in NNJ if you like to talk anyway..Where did you bought the dermaroller from? Did you start with a smaller needle say 0.5mm before jumping to 1.5mm?
  3. Hi How bad is your scars? if not too large, i think needling will work better. Look up transitions day spa, that's where i got my done. I havent gone back but i'll plan. Btw, i am in hackettstown not too far. I know papag got his excision & fat transfer with Dr Ganchi at wayne. Please im me maybe we'll journey together to the inevitable.lol
  4. Why not the cream? i been using the cream and not a big difference yet.
  5. He was referring to TCA cross on ice pick scars, which is advocated by many derms and acne.com followers. You are saying to stay away from anykind of scar repair involving acids. Hmm, very interesting. Did i read you said, one should never bleed under needling? because it usually happens. By the way, i had needling done but it takes couple of trials to see results. Funny about creatine, it is used to pump up the muscles, is actually a water retention product. Do you mix the powder in your
  6. According to him, silicone can be used for ice pick scars as well Drewboy: Did you do self-needling? maybe u didnt get good results because of this. What are you thoughts on needling?
  7. I am glad everyone is having good results with Frank. Its been six months and i am ready for my second round. My scars have sunken a lot. Oh well. Panda Are you doing Fraxel all over your face or just the scarred area? Can you PM me about your results, the level setting,type of machine? at least we have something in common: skin type/color/cheek scars.
  8. That is so odd. When i had needling, the scar was leveled due to inmflamation for couple of weeks until it sunk again. Maybe she didnt needled deep enough. It seems strange, just think about it, inflamation should occur right away thus this new scar tissue gives the false appearance of level skin.
  9. What makes u think the dermaroller will yield greater improvements than needling. Maybe u're not needling correctly. I am not in anyway an advocate for needling but from what i read is more invasive and can be localized to one scar unlike the dermaroller and besides you dont have large scarred areas to treat.. Anyway, i am just jealous that some can tolerate Retin A. My skin just cant tolerate, i started with 0.05%/wk and then try to up the dosage but gotten sunburned How many times do you appl
  10. Wow, i dont see much hyperpigmentation comparing to mine. Mine was bloody red/brown for few weeks. I only needled 3 scars and they were noticeable, imagine if i would had my whole cheek (same size as yours) done by Frank. Maybe your pre op products had something to do with it. Can your skin handle Tazorac/Retin with Vitamin C? Mine skin doesnt, actually many people cant handle retin a with anything else. Maybe any form of Vitamin A is just not suitable for my skin because i experimented with re
  11. pyro123


    Dee Check out my gallery pictures. I have two big scars and around them a lot of tiny ice pick scars, though they dont show at that angle. I did subsiccion and is not as invasive as what u got which is punch excission. My suggestion is that you can combine both procedures for better, faster results which personally i never done. It also takes couples of trials of subsiccion to see results but along with saline, it can work faster.
  12. pyro123


    How's your progress on the icepick scars? Have you tried saline w/ subcission on the nonresponsive scars?
  13. Hi Chrissy I am glad you continue to have good results. I am wondering why doesnt he needlesthe three ice picks? Why would you go with a more invasive approach, excission? i dont get it. If you continue to see good results stick with what is working for you.
  14. Needling has done absolutely NOTHING for my scars. This was after three sessions of subscision as well. Total results- none.