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  1. Hello! I'm currently taking Sprintec (bc pill) and Aldactone. I started taking Sprintec almost 2 years ago, and I also noticed this really helped with chest/back acne, but not so much my face. Then 4 months ago I started taking Aldactone. I take 25 mg twice a day, so a pretty low dose, and it has worked amazingly. It does take a couple of months before you see a real change, but then the amount of acne I had decreased dramatically. I would always have cystic acne around my mouth/chin
  2. Yes. I had a lab where we paired up and examined each other as practice for working with patients. I hated that lab with a passion, especially when we examined hair, skin, and nails because there is literally someone in your face LOOKING for your imperfections. To make it worse, my partner seemed to have perfect skin. Then one day he took his shirt off so I could listen to his lungs and he had acne on his back. Neither of us ever said anything about the other's skin. So there you go, just rememb
  3. I'm 23 also and have been dealing with acne around my chin/mouth since my mid-teens. I started birth control (Sprintec) about 2 years ago. I'm not sure what bc pill you're taking, but make sure you talk to your doctor about your skin and whether it would help or hurt. Some pills don't help acne because they have a more androgenic form of progesterone. The Sprintec slowed down the formation of new acne some, but didn't really fix anything. Then 4 months ago I started taking Spironolac