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  1. Y'all must not live in the South In regards to the top poster, I also live in Florida and unless you spend your days always indoors, being outside for even a few minutes will cause you to sweat. I'm currently biting the bullet and only using BP at night, with SA/sunscreen during the day.
  2. I have alpha hydrox 10% AHA lotion and BP gel that i like to use at night sometimes (both products make your skin sensitive to light). Which product should i apply first for the best results? Also, what moisturizer do you guys use during the day when you're wearing BP gel? I have really oily shiny skin, and I've been using Neutrogena Healthy skin spf 15 stuff, but it makes my face way shiny. Any advice? Thanks a bunch! ^___^
  3. "Keep your fiber intake at around 25 grams, no less. This means eating flaxseed etc. as snacks. Once you wake up, have a tablespoon, and before you go to sleep. This helps control the insulin response(hormones that produce acne)." How true is this? Because of high fiber intake will lower acne, I'll buy some flaxseeds or whatever today son!
  4. Yeah you definitely need to wash your face when you get home from a workout, or at least wipe off the sweat with a clean towel. I get bad bacne especially from working out, and I've been bodybuilding for about 2 years now. Also make sure you drink at least 1 liter of water, especially if you're doing heavy lifting or cardio. Sweat out the bad, put in the good
  5. Between gel, exfoliant, and sa, it stayed small and popped with slight pressure. Now it's healing, it doesn't hurt, and the redness is starting to go away. Thanks fellas.
  6. Hey fellas! A few days ago a part of my nose started becoming extremely sensitive to pain. It then became very red, partly because I was messing with it because it really bothered me. Now it hurts a ridiculous amount even to the slightest touch. I have a strong feeling a large zit is growing and I want to cut it dead in its tracks. For a few days my nose just stayed extremely red, but I think it is going to try and form tonight. How can I prevent this zit from forming? I have sa wash, 10% bp w
  7. I finished a 3 day juice fast over New Years this 2005-2006. That means nothing but water and juice (to keep my caloric intake up and because fruits like grape and apple clean are naturally detox your body). I didn't notice an improvement in my acne, but it's good for your digestive system. I'm sure if your acne is related to having a toxic body it would help you out more.
  8. Whoa. I'm pretty sure fruits DON'T create toxins, but I'm not positive. I was on a 3 day juice fast 2 months ago and everywhere I read fruit juices help to clean your digestive system and clear toxins, NOT the opposite. I'm sure fruits work the same as the juice. Not 100% sure though, someone back me up!
  9. 2000-2500, but I'm a bodybuilder. Actually I'd probably eat more but I'm at college with no meal plan. (And I'm too lazy to cook meals) I'm 5'10", 165 lbs. If you want to bulk up it's not that hard. Just eat bigger meals and more often (every 2-3 hours). You're bulking for weightlifting right?
  10. I hate it when no one answers a post, so I'll give it a shot! In my personal opinion I would choose the first one for a few reasons: 1) Aloe vera is supposed to be very soothing 2) It has AHA which is a good exfoliant (the other one has more AHA but #3) 3) This one is cheaper (the other one is same price for 4 fl oz.) Is that what you have in mind? It's my first year in college too, and I had some bad breakouts myself =( Hope this helps =)
  11. i think it's called a cyst (the volcano-type bump feared by acne-sufferers everywhere). I popped it and when I did I tried to clean it out but later I find out another one is forming under it so i had to pop it again and again... Anyways after having to pop it like 6 times (each one a less drastic 'pop' than the last) I am left with a horizontal oval hole in my nose! I have another shape like that from long ago on my nose, but it looks fairly unnoticable as of late. My question is, is this typ
  12. "Here's a detailed explanation and steps on what should you do. In order to prevent flare ups after you stop your medications, you must slowly decrease the amount or strength you use to your acne. For example, if you've been using benzoyl peroxide, when you stop it, damn, you'd get a hell of breakouts. Now, what, what should you do? Slow down the reaction by applying nothing in your face except vinegar, or to some, Cetaphil or anything as gentle as that. I'm not explaining how that works, but t
  13. Wait, you didn't answer my question How do you put the vinegar and the baking soda on your face? How is it applied? Why are they important for your regimen?
  14. So basically slowly turn down/stop using BP gel and moisturizer if on BP regimen. Then just rinse with warm water and use vinegar, baking soda, and collagen moisturizer. Right? Questions: how do you use vinegar and baking soda and what kinds do you use? do you dab vinegar on a cotton swab or what? I am confused how you put it on your face. Same with baking soda. Looking forward to trying this out! (I think I am qualified because I am 18, have mild acne and am always on the BP regimen, but I ha