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  1. Mine appeared to be brand new but since using it for approx 11 weeks for about 30mins a day 38.5 hours use if my maths is right the tubes have started to change colour and darken towards the end im not sure if this is what wolfy mentions? The discolouration (looks grey against the white of the tube) isnt right at the end but about 3cm in and then stretches about 4cm in length it is most prominent on the red tubes especially the central ones. But its apperance makes me think maybe the tubes have
  2. Hi, I seem to be suffering with this sort of problem and am looking for a way to kill more bacteria but I have a few questions about Hibiscrub. Does it irritate the skin if you wash your face with it? From what i've read its mainly a hand wash or pre-op skin disinfectant and is alcohol based) so it sounds like it might dry the skin. Do you wash with it neat or dilute it first? Do you/ Can you use any other topicals at the same time? Many Thanks
  3. My personal experience using the Beautyskin for 6 weeks I still haven’t seen any significant improvement. But six weeks is only half way through the treatment period of 12 weeks required for optimal results. So it is really unfair to base any assessment of the effectiveness or lack thereof on my personal experience especially as different people respond at different rates. There are numerous posts in this forum though by people who have used the beautyskin lamp or others like it successfull
  4. Hi I've been using the beautyskin light (a combination of red and blue light) for over six weeks now and when I first started symptoms seemed to initially worsen and I had three of the most prolonged and worst inflamed lesions I think I’ve ever suffered from. They have finally cleared now but have left some bad red scarring thats going to take a while to fade. Another member of this forum also posted about a similar experience here How long do acne star suggest their device should be used
  5. The UK website mentioned above retailing the medibeam seems abit short on information and what there is, is poorly presented in my opinion. While the clinical study results look to have been simplified and there is no option to view the whole study whereas many other sites give published papers to support their claims and before and after photos (eg acne star, beauty skin). All other studies I have ever read about light therapy and acne are of the belief that blue light with a wavelength aroun
  6. After considering everyone’s input for which I am very grateful. I decided to switch to 7.5 mins for each side of my face and 5 mins for it straight on twice a day. With the idea being this divided dose should add up to a cumulative 15 mins for the far sides of my face per day but also not over expose the areas nearer the centre that receive light both during the side treatment and the straight on treatment time period. I think my skin might be quite sensitive to the light because I am far
  7. Hi I got a similar problem, although I can't be entirely sure it can be attributed to the beauty skin as I get really bad breakouts with 2/3 large inflamed pustules every so often regardless and I had one large pustule before I started treatment (just over 2 weeks ago) but since starting another even bigger one came out and the two have been active for ages only really over the last week have they started to clear up. This is probably longer than they would normally take! Do you normally get
  8. Hi all I’ve recently got my beauty skin acne lamp (for those who don’t know it’s the style with fluorescent tubes much like a dermalux) I’ve been using it for over a week now the instructions were somewhat vague (See here for a copy) about exactly what todo other than turn it on don’t sit closer than 10cm or too much further than 15cm. The bit that im not so sure about is that it recommends “15 mins for each of the affected skin areasâ€. What I have been doing is giving my face
  9. Just a quick note I received my beauty skin acne lamp a few days ago and so far im impressed but beware the timer seems a little inaccurate. I had a feeling it was perhaps going abit quick turns out I was rite set the timer on the beauty skin to 5 mins and timed with a stop watch came out at 3:39 the result seems to vary each time but it does seem to be abit of an inexpensive timer. I've taken to setting the beauty skin to the longest time setting and just timing 15 mins myself much more reli