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  1. Hi guys! I am writing an article on magnesium and its many benefits. If anyone would like to answer a few very short questions for me, please PM me for my e-mail address! This would really, really help me and shouldn't take too much of your time. Thanks!
  2. Here is a great green smoothie recipe and lots of helpful tips: Click here Berry and spinach are definitely my favorite combination. Everyone who tried this recipe loved it!
  3. I thought I'd post a picture because I found some old pics and took new ones And like I said, you don't need to BUY things to go raw, if you can't afford it. I get lots of books from the library, and they can get the ones they don't have through inter-library loan. I was into my twenties with the first picture, so I know it wasn't a teenager thing.
  4. If you found the book interesting, or want to know more about the raw food diet, I just want to announce that the follow up eBook "Spring Athlete" is now available at kayosmarket.com. It has 1 month of Tonya Kay's Spring diet, all broken down into nutritional data, with lots of additional nutritional information and Tonya Kay's advice on exercising + her daily exercise routine. Oh I forgot to add something important in my post above: I eat a lot of greens as well, specially in green smoothies.
  5. Yes, I thought some might find this inappropriate because of the book. I tried to explain what I did though, 3 weeks of DKR, and then a clean diet of raw food. I basically have a raw breakfast made of fruits, hemp, and flax. I try to drink enough water. I exercise... I add raw ingredients to my other meals... That's basically it, with variations. The reason I mentioned the book was to help those who might want to know what to eat for a whole month, and still know they won't be deficient in som
  6. Hello everyone, I remember reading about green smoothies on here for the first time, so I thought I'd come back and post about some stuff that have happened. A lot of people say that going on a raw diet has cured them of acne, and that at least drinking green smoothies every day has helped at lot. This whole diet really interested me and I did a lot of research about it. I also talked to Tonya Kay, a raw athlete (www.tonyakay.com) who also cured her acne after she switched to a raw diet. I ask
  7. I got a little busy and couldn't post many recipes on the Facebook group, but I have 5 recipes up now, which I have tried so I gave the exact measurements, the color of the smoothie, and my opinion on the taste. I will post more soon!
  8. Thank you! You inspired me to drink smoothies and I am very grateful! I have about 1 week worth of different recipes to post, and I thought a group on the topic would be nice, since on forums pages tend to accumulate and people don't want or have the time to read 40 pages...
  9. Oh I forgot to say I will be posting lots of green smoothie recipes there http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2386608573&ref=mf I try to have one every day, and I try to have a 40% green 60% fruit ratio like what Victoria Boutenko recommends. I give some to my husband who is very picky so he helps me make them tastier all the time. You can share recipes there too!
  10. Hi everyone! I have created a group on Facebook for all people who love green smoothies. Don't hesitate to join! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2386608573&ref=mf
  11. Hello! I used to be on the DKR, but didn't continue long term because my husband thought it might be harmful, plus I was bleaching his shirts Anyway, for some reason, I got rid of my acne (and I thought I never would) a few months ago. I'm not sure what did it, but I started a blog http://fabulous-health.livejournal.com/ that talks about the stuff I do. If you wish, you can add me or read it, it might give you ideas. I don't think that I just grew out of it, my relatives have had acne well int
  12. I've had terrible acne for a long time, at some point ppl thought I had some kind of allergy on my face. I did the DKR for about a month, didn't even finish a BP tube, and now my skin's great, and my red marks are definitely fading. That's after a few months. Imagine after a few YEARS. If he never had serious acne, why would he waste so much time making this great website and trying different diets, products, etc? People who never had bad acne don't waste time doing such things. They generally
  13. I heard so many times that they didn't work that I bought a bottle of Bragg's. I can't seem to be able to drink any of it though The taste is not too bad, but you can only drink so much. Maybe I just need to get used to it...
  14. I searched on google and all I can find is that flax oil can actually cure cancer to a certain extent.
  15. Thanks for the link! Why would pills be bad? Because of the ingredients needed to get powder to form a pill? I already bought them, so I guess I'll take them and then buy powder when the bottle's empty. I think I'll also supplement my diet with Bragg's ACV.