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  1. WEEK 8 Well everyone, I AM DONE. my two months are up and all I have to say about B-5 is, THANK GOD FOR VITAMIN B-5. Still no zits, blackheads are still comin out, and my red marks are fading even more now then in the beginning.I am goin to keep taking the B-5 until my marks and blackheads are completely gone, but I have to say that I am ecstatic over the results I have received from just 2 months on B-5.I've never seen results like this, cept for maybe accutane. Since I have finished the two m
  2. Alright Prob I here are the answers to your questions: 1.It doesn't really matter whether you take pill or powder, I take powder cuz that's how it came from where i got it.I've heard that powder is easier on the stomach,but no I don't think it matters which one you take. 2.I don't think it is necessary to use the gel,i just do it cuz it feels nice on my skin,and it kind of makes my skin look better,and i can use the gel instead of moisturizer.As far as how useful it is in terms of fighting acn
  3. WEEK 7 Waaaaazzzzuuuuuppppp everybody. I am almost done with this B-5 program and once again nothing to report but good news for this week. NO zits at all this week,and all my blackheads are almost gone. Everything is goin great,i am working out alot, preparing for the time change in April ,after which I will be at the beach everyday in my hometown of sunny san diego. It feels sooo good to not hae to worry about my skin finally, I know how all of you feel, trust me I been there, you just gotta
  4. WEEK 6 Hey again everyone, sorry i'm a day late,it was a rough weekend hehe in a good way that is. Well i only got 2 weeks left of this B-5 and I am so happy with what it's done for me, and especially, my self esteem. This week I only had one zit next to my nose,in the upper cheek area,but it went away after 3 days and my skin is back to it's wonderful clarity:) Everything is awesome I am super happy, this weekend I went to a Scorpions/Whitesnake concert and hit on some 30 year old groupies, i
  5. WEEK 5 Well I have officially started the second half of the B-5 program and I am still super happy with it. Two more big blackheads came out this week and the pores have closed up with no red marks at all.I am still eating healthy and working out alot,everything is just goin great. I have something that I'd like to suggest to people out there,I keep thinking that the less crap we put on our face the better.Do we really know what the long term effects of all this tetracycline,monocycline,benzoy
  6. The B-5 gel is a clear gel that you put on 3 times a day,you can't even tell it's there cuz it's totally clear,in fact i think it makes my face look better when it's on. I usually wash my face 2 or 3 times a day(usually in the shower) and I use cetaphil gentle cleanser(not the foaming one), and if I ever get dry, I use the cetaphil moisturizer.But on top of all this, I maintain a near perfect diet as well.Fruits,vegetables,lots of red meat,chicken,pork,etc.. basically any animal product that is
  7. Depends how bad the acne is. I had bad moderate to severe when i was 18. I went on accutane for 6 months doin 80 grams a day.I think it was grams.Anyways it was a pretty high dose. It got worse b4 it got better, bout 1 month in I started to breakout bad and my skin got super sensitive.No real side effects except super duper chapped lips which was easily taken care of with lip balm. My acne stayed kinda bad for about 2 more months. Then in about the end of the 3rd month,I started getting less and
  8. Easy answer, if you have acne bad then get accutane sever side effects are very rare,and the risk is well worth it for how well the product works. If you have a few zits here and there accutane is just too much of a hassle,try Dan's regimen.
  9. Hey bud I know the feeling.Trust me,try B-5 it has worked soooo well for me I can't even start to explain.But if you are going to do it do it right, ddon't miss any applications,follow it religiously.The good thing is it's not even inconvienient,just drinking some powder in water 3 times a day b4 a meal.Trust me we have so much shit in our bodies that we don't even know about that is making our skin oily and looking like shit,this helps get rid of all that shit.Give it a shot,it has been incredi
  10. WEEK 4 Well it is week 4 and I have again nothing to report but good news. I am officially half way through the suggested B-5 program and I am more than satisfied with the product, it is working great. Just like the previous weeks, I have not experienced any new zits, except for one tiny little blackhead that turned into a whitehead by my mouth(it's not even noticeable,i'm just a total perfectionist,lol). In this first month, I am really surprised not only that the B-5 has totally prevented any
  11. WEEK 3 This B-5 regimen is AWESOME. School started up again today and I just got back from my first class and I feel fuckin GREAT! No zits again since Week 1 and even more blackheads are comin out and drying off. I'm still stickin to all the applications religiously daily. I feel so damn good, I have had perfect skin for 2 weeks now, and my old red marks are now to the point that you can hardly tell they're there, and I bet anything they'll probably be completely gone in like 3 or 4 more weeks
  12. I'm takin the B-5 and I have the same problem, it clumps up on the bottom. You can either stir it in while you pour the powder little by little into the water, or you can just let it fall to the bottom in one heap and just let it sit there for about 15 inutes and it will dissolve.
  13. I am currently using the B-5 regimen from acnemiracle, and it is working good for me. In terms of the B-5 regimen, all you have to buy is the powder and the gel comes with it free. I know that we are all afraid of scammers, so if you think they might be scammin, just get your B-5 from someplace else, they sell it in all gnc stores and pharmaceutical places like that. In terms of whether you should start dan's regimen first or B-5, that's a judgement call on your part. Are you a believer that a
  14. WEEK 2 Alright everyone,good news again. I only had one new zit this week, that's it. Although in the beginning of the week i did have worse stomach upset, but that only lasted about 3 or 4 days. I am extremely happy to report that all of the blackheads on my nose are starting to turn into little tiny whiteheads(barely noticeable), which means that the B-5 is really starting to do it's job. No more whiteheads, blackheads are starting to go away, and my old red marks are starting to fade. I p
  15. You don't have to ask why god why because god didn't do this to you because there is no god, he doesn't exist. Ask yourself what in your life makes you believe in the existence of an earth creating all powerful god, it's just not possible. Acne forms due to oil production,fatty acids,and hormones. Most of your acne has to do with your genes and hormones. It sucks, but you just can't do much about it, just gotta keep trying meds and hope one of them will control it.