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  1. just thought is mention this as i recently started taking protein shakes after 6 months off them and realised i am getting spots from it. Ive been having 3 2 scoop supplements a day for the past 5 days and noticed my skin is much worse than usual. As well as the spots its also affected my scalp, im getting dandruff again and my ecsema is coming back quicker. All of these symptoms were identical to a year ago when i took the supplements. Can anyone shed light onto this? taken from a medical web
  2. both good points there but thats why i posted in mild to moderate acne. I feel for the people whos acne could potentially scar them, but i have no knowledge of what treatments are availiable for severe acne.
  3. Ok i just thought write this message even though my skin is clearer than it has been for the past year. Why do you all go into so much detail about these new diets or cleansers that help clear acne. If you think about it realisticly as a teenager theres little you can do without spending alot of money to make your acne barable in public. I think we must understand this is a part of our lives. Its NORMAL to get spots regardless of how many. I think the best you can do is bare it, as you ca
  4. Ok, ive been on this acv for a week and no changes, i have read the posts and have concluded in my mind that: *ACV WONT CLEAR YOUR ACNE IF YOUR GETTING TEENAGE ACNE LIKE MOST OF US* I dont think this whole thread will appeal to anyone under 20 years of age, it may have worked for moojamba but theres no raw proof or any photos what so ever. Most the posts are just complaints so dont waste your time ruining your teeth and tastebuds for something thats going to build you up then knock you down
  5. Im on my 3rd day currently taking 6 table spoons a day. From what i can see my acne has considerably reduced. I made this judgement since i woke up with only 3 white heads this morning instead of 6-7. Im still not sure whether it was using a sunbed that cleared me up slightly but i will wait and see within the next week. I realised that taking 6 tablespoons of vinegar a day gives me a constant supply of the chemical so its always in my stomach. Since i drink lots of water i feared that the eff
  6. Ok i just started mine this morning. bought some aspall organic stuff. I have to say i get quite excited when i drink this stuff its like a stiff shot of brandy. What you can do is move the spoon to the back of your mouth before tipping it then swallow quickly. your throat will burn but im sure if you imagine a healthy complexion you will suffer for it. Im doing 6 (tablespoons) a day for this week then 4 next week to kick start the effect. Skin feels slightly better since this morning had no
  7. Ive been skimming over each topic for about 6 months now to try and find something to control my acne. I usually end up feeling, why bother, its a hormonal thing, fight it out! But that thoughts kinda faded away. I know everyone has different skin types so treatment may be different, ill try and explain mine: - I get moderate acne on the whole area of my face and neck. I only have about 15 active spots at a time which are randomly dotted pustules around my face. They are most always red and
  8. Ok, this has happened before, when i start using BP my spots clear slightly around my jaw ( which is my main problem area) but then i get loads on my forehead?! im only using BP around my jaw so i dont have a clue why they are on my forehead. anyone know?
  9. why moisterise after a bath or shower if my skin becomes greasy again straight away?
  10. once a week?! hehe youll soon see that it will turn into 1 daily...
  11. I thought i might as well make a short post on what factors affect acne apart from hormones. Im currently going through my worst break out since..... i cant remember. 1. Sun exposure This is the most obvious one, it is a temporary healer as it tans your skin darker so red marks appear fainter and the skin dries out leaving less on it. It is also, in my opinion why we get hit hard when we come off holiday, as the skin damage from the sun has caused another breakout 2. Stress relief By now im
  12. Shoooooot is it hot in here all the sudden? I love your pic!!!!!

  13. mate that doesnt look like acne, more like some sort of skin condition like eczema, or dermatitis. Does it itch?
  14. That's the thread winner, unfortunately. :( hehe, this probably applies to most of us here! but at the end of the day, if a girl is put off by acne, shes never going to last in a relationship. heres another: when you have to lower your standards just to get a girl on a night out. definition: lower your standards= go for anything vaigly female looking
  15. When you send a girl a picture of you previous self (clear skin) but darent meet them as you look nothing like that anymore!