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  1. JLopez, I know what you mean, acne can be a heavy burden, sometimes you just gotta have a acne rant. My aesthetician and I talk about all sorts of acne issues, including picking! It's funny, she told me she is picker at times. It turns out we both can go too crazy with the same small circle comedone extractor. She hooked me up with free samples of product to help with my specific needs (I'm allergic to fragrance, with dry and acne prone skin). I am so pleased with the service, plus it was n
  2. Hello JLopez, Thank you for your thoughtful advice! Every once and a while I make my boyfriend listen to all my acne woes. I agree it does help talking about it! My boyfriend is caring when I share my skin burdens, but he doesn't always quite understand, or maybe it just bores him. It's all good though, I started going to an aesthetician who is very helpful with these issues, and she actually enjoys the discussion much more. Then she gives me great advice, honestly better than my derm. This h
  3. I know too well of this. It's the calm before the storm. I only recently noticed I pick mostly when I'm doing through a period of stress/anxiety. I can't stand walking out of the bathroom after a pick session, then having my boyfriend see what I've done to my face after being in the bathroom 15 minutes. That one spot I saw turns into seeing every spot, only to feel bummed out. I'm kicking this habit for good...
  4. I get the fixing for picking just about every night. It can be hard when I look in a mirror and see all the "spots". I'm trying to avoid picking my face because it has only made things worse. Now I going to be making comics on the subject whenever I feel the urge to pick, let's see how my experiment works. We can do this!
  5. Alright, 3 weeks of using Epiduo has started to improve my skin. These red marks have been bumming me out though, being in the center of my face and all. I've been terrible about taking my antibiotics, so this improvement is all Epiduo. Remember when I said I use it up to two times daily? Yeah don't do that, only wear it at night. My skin was really irritated. My chin does get dry sometimes, so I apply it every other night on that area. My forehead hasn't dried out from Epiduo so I still ap
  6. 100% Aloe Vera gel has helped me with my red marks fading. No miracle cure, but it has helped improve them.
  7. Today I am starting my 3 months of antibiotics as part of my acne fighting routine. Currently my forehead, cheeks and jawline have red marks and some whiteheads. During my log I am refraining from touching my face/picking. My face is very sensitive to things like fragrance, so I have to be careful with my skin products. Here is is my routine I am doing two times daily (morning and evening) - Take antibotic w/ food - Clean hands - Rinse face with lukewarm water for a few sec