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  1. I have been using the acne.org bp along with my own wash and a prescription rentinol treninoin for the past month. My skin is definitely better in terms of breakouts but it’s gotten so red. I’ve been using the bp during the day and the treninoin at night. I think what’s really irritating my skin is the amount of bp it says to slather on it seems like way too much. Do you really need that much bp? I’m 26 I really don’t want to be overdrying my skin but I’m not sure if it will be as effective in s
  2. I know this post is from almost a month ago but as someone who’s also in their mid twenties and struggling with acne I figured I’d respond. I got on birth control in my early 20’s I believe it was right before I turned 22 I was on for a year and a half before having to get off but ever since then have struggled badly with acne that was alway mild and never really a problem before. Since going off the birth control the only thing that truly cleared my skin was cefadroxil 500 mg twice a day. I was
  3. Hello! I haven't been on here in quite a while. I first posted on here about two years ago after getting off Ortho Tri Cyclen which caused an extremely bad breakout after I discontinued it. For the most part before birth control, (which I was only on for a year and a half), I had mild but manageable and controllable acne. After birth control, which I got off due to weight gain, horrible constant migraines that caused vomiting, and just overall not feeling like myself, I had a terrible initial br
  4. For some people birth control pills make you break out in places you never have before. You're skin is probably just adjusting. Give it time, especially if your OB said it would take a while for you to get clear. When i got on bp it broke out everywhere in places I never had before. Nothing helped except time.
  5. Yup. Pretty much everytime my skin is improving and I'm like "yay it's getting better I can wait this out" I get my period and go right back to square one. Even the discoloration from where it's healed looks ten time worse during my period.
  6. I totally agree with you on the fact that birth control messes with your system. My migraines were so bad they lasted all day and led to spending a lot of nights vomitting. I already eat very well and exercise I've just never been able to controlled my acne fully before this. I do believe I have some sort of hormonal imbalance since my skin was very managable on the pill. I really would like to believe that I'll outgrow the acne but considering that now I'm almost 24 I don't think I will. My mom
  7. So thanks to the GI problems I started having my doctor has put me off all medications except one that I'm taking to help fix my GI. Until that's resolved she told me she I can't try a new birth control or any other oral medication. I'm having an EDG on the 9th which will hopefully tell me what exactly is wrong. The specialist I saw thinks it could be both an ulcer and acid reflux, which someone else also said could have possibly come from being on birth control and also taking a ton of advil fr
  8. Figured I'd update since its been a while. So while my skin has improved somewhat. Forehead is almost completely clear and cheeks aren't as bad as they were. I unfortunately had to stop taking all oral medications. I started have abdominal pains about two weeks ago which didn't go away along with some other stuff my doctor now thinks I probably have an ulcer. so I'm pretty much off medications while I wait to find out if I have the bacteria for h. Pylori. Idk if this is from all these different
  9. When acne is really stubborn you typically need the extra oomph of a topical. If your mom prefers you not have antibiotics or steroids you can keep trying the natural routine but you may not have much luck. My mom was the same way and my acne pretty much never improved till I saw a dermatologist. I would ask if you can see one just to find out what type of acne you have. If your acne is hormonal there's always vitamin supplements you can take to try to balance them out. I also found taking daily
  10. I've had that problem and what yours relates to have to do with a couple things. Do you know if your acne is hormonal or not? What have you been using for your acne, oral, topical, or other? One person I saw suggested I had a internal bacterial infection that made one side break out more. Where else do you break out and do you notice it more during certain times like your period?
  11. I was supposed to also get a gentler retina but found out at the pharmacy the retina wasn't insurance covered and would have been $150 which I can't cover. The pharmacy guy said he would call my Derm to see if they would send over a different one that would be covered. Side note I now feel like I have a mini anti-acne store in my cabinet what with the unused birth control pills, the Spiro, the cleotin t gel, and the doxycycline. Also if I end up not going the Spiro route is it still ok to u
  12. so when I went to pick up the prescription I also found Doxycycline Mono 100 mg also waiting for me. Antibiotics were what I originally said I'd rather try first. Should I just say fuck it and try these instead of Spiro?
  13. Ended up seeing a new Derm who pretty much told me I should be on Spiro if I don't want birth control since my acne is hormonal and prescribed me the 50 mg. Ironically I was considering asking for it but am a little scared because I've heard some people say it makes their hair fall out? Since my body was sensitive to birth control I'm a little scared about starting at 50mg. He was even saying I could go up to 100 but I don't want to go from nothing to that. Please share what you know about Spiro
  14. I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen for about a year and a half. I also had mild to moderate acne that I believe is hormonal. After an initial purge of about 2 maybe two and a half months my skin was great! I didn't have to wear any make-up or concealer and I got tons of compliments of how nice it looked when I'd go into cosmetic stores like Sephora. It also helped the redness I'd sometimes get. Unfortunately for me the birth control caused other problems so I went off and am now looking for a new way to
  15. I ended up not taking it after thinking about it for a long time and realizing I don't want to take it for acne since I will eventually have to come off it regardless. I'm almost 24 and I know I don't want to be on birth control forever. I tried talking to my regular doctor about it, she gave me cleotin T gel and told me to use condoms. Idk if the gel is really gonna help my skin almost seems worse since I started using it. Maybe it's one of those things that gets worse before it gets better? I
  16. So I went off birth control (ortho tri cyclen) back in October due to lots of problems with it like severe migraines, pains, bloating, horrible mood swings, etc. one of the only things I liked about it was glowing beautiful skin. About a month or so after going off my skin broke out horribly and got super oily. After talking about it on another forum and seeing a doctor I was given Yaz to try. Today was the first Sunday after my period I took the pill and pretty much had immediate regret along w
  17. So she ended up giving me Yaz. Idk if it's really what I want because I've heard stories about Yaz giving people a lot of problems and after using the ortho I'm a bit scared to take it. Has anyone else had problems with other birth control but done well on Yaz? Has it helped you with acne? Also why does the Yaz suggest it's best to take at night since I took the other one normally in the daytime?
  18. Thank you everyone! I'll update what I decide to do after I see the Derm on Wednesday.
  19. I don't really want to be on anything but I just don't feel like I can have clear skin naturally. I've had acne that comes and goes at random despite everything I've tried. I eat really healthy most avoid dairy and gluten, take vitamins that are supposed to balance female hormones, drink a ton of water plus a cup of lemon water and I still get the breakouts randomly. I'm just tired of it and I want skin that's consistently clear and managable. My mom had really bad skin from teen to late adultho
  20. So just an update on my skin. The left side has started to clear a bit, the right side has stayed the same and my forehead has gotten worse. Oddly I've been out of state with my bf for half a week and my diet hadn't been that good. So I'm wondering why any of my acne is even clearing up? I should be getting my period next week around Thursday and usually this is around the time I would get a few break outs normally. My skin has also gotten super dry and a bit flakey by my nose and mouth. Derm ap
  21. with how annoying it's getting to cover up acne again I honestly am at the point of considering going back on birth control. I really would rather not but at this point I want something I know will work. Not the same one because of all the other problems but I am will to try one of the others that are also recommended for treating acne. I guess now my question is what is a birth control that's good for treating acne but also has a low known bad reaction response?
  22. I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen and my skin got worse and broke out like crazy for the first 2/3 months. I mean really terrible, in places I'd never had it before. I would wait because afterwards I had really nice clear skin that was pretty much perfect. I had to go off for other reasons but if you're like me it will clear up and is totally worth it in that sense.
  23. So I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen for about a year and a half. Shortly after I started taking it my skin broke out like crazy and I had about a 2 and a half to 3 month adjustment period till my skin switched to being incredibly clear. Unfortunately, since birth control I also started getting serve migraines that would usually end with vomiting, horrible cramps and lower stomach pains, after a year of being on it with no change in exercise or diet I also gained 10 pounds. In general I felt awful on i