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  1. I have so many red marks from where my acne USED to be (and some still are). I was wondering, is there something that I can do to get rid of this? Eat a certain fruit? Apply some sort of product? Anything? I'm a guy so I dont plan on using makeup to cover it up.
  2. Sorry for the very LATE respond. I haven't been on the computer much. Anyway, my skin is back to normal; no more flakiness, no more redness. Although, there are so many pimples on my face now. Which sucks. Really bad. I guess I'll have to start the regimen again. This time, I'll just apply BP ONCE a day and work my way up from there. And maybe get a different moisturizer. Although, I think all moisturizer will burn my face after applying BP.
  3. You mean it SHOULDN'T burn my face, right? Lol. You're scaring me.
  4. I dont think I'm allergic to BP. I believe I applied too much in the beginning of the regimen. I mean, everytime I apply the BP and moisturizer, my face would sting so bad. Well, that's my take on it at least. And I guess I'll buy the Cetaphil moisturizer tomorrow. Are you sure it won't burn my face just like the Neutrogena one?
  5. Almost the same amount as the benzoyl peroxide, which is a half-finger's worth.
  6. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer. Cetaphil lotion? You mean the cleanser? Or should I buy a Cetaphil lotion and use it lightly?
  7. I tried the Regimen for three days straight and yesterday I didn't feel like applying the products onto my face. And guess what? Once I got out of the shower, and once my skin dried, my whole entire face (mostly cheeks) were filled with dead skin. I've been applying benzoyl peroxide all over my face (mostly my cheeks since thats where most of my acne is) and it's been burning my skin for the past few days. I didn't see the effect it had on my skin until now. My skin is soooo dry and it feels li
  8. where do you live? i have mild acne and the regimen has improved my acne LOTS. i still get acne but its not as bad as before, my skin texture has improved and my skin looks healthier. as so_fitting said if you follow the regimen exact then theres a chance it will work for you, dont think you wont need to moisturizer ect I live in Philadelphia, PA. I bought the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture with spf 15. Hopefully it'll keep my skin from drying and such. But I read the reviews; there are some ca
  9. Okay. I have a question: Where can I find a Jojoba Oil? I dont want to buy it online.. are there certain stores that keep this in stock?
  10. I just have a quick question though: does this REALLY work for anyone and everyone? Because so far, nothing works for me. I've tried Proactiv (which made my skin worse) and right now I'm on Differin (which is not doing much of anything). Anyway, I just wanted to know if there are cases where this regimen did not work for someone. Not because that person didn't follow through the regimen, mind you. Just the fact that the products and the regimen itself does not work for that individual.