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  1. BadlyScarredface

    Quick Q on Doxycycline

    Since you sounded surprised, you probably didn't know you're not supposed to have dairy products two hours before and after you take doxycycline as well. So yeah, stay away from dairy.
  2. BadlyScarredface

    Minocycline Dilemma - I Give Up.

    Accutane will probably be your best bet.
  3. BadlyScarredface

    Is this weird?

    I have mild acne, and I'd get about 2-3 cysts every month and after doing some research, I decided to give retin-a and doxycycline a shot. So I got my buddy who works at the drug store to get me a tube of .1% Retin A cream and 56 (4 weeks worth) of 100mg doxycycline pills to help prevent the initial flare ups. My regimen is to take a doxycycline pill twice a day and to apply the retin-a cream day and night. I've been reading this forum and people have been saying that the Retin A cream should
  4. BadlyScarredface

    Tattoos to cover up scars?

    But people's complexion change over time. If you get a tan, you're gonna look pretty bad.