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  1. 1 Year So it's been a year? That's kind of crazy. Overall, I am really glad I went on accutane. My side effects only seemed to last while I was on it, and to anyone else who is worried about the "permanent" side effects, I urge them to consider the studies and evidence over anecdotal accounts of post-accutane side effects, such as the super long permanent side effects post (I don't mean to invalidate anyone's experiences, but just share my personal recommendation) My skin is pretty much clea
  2. Day 180 Man, it's hard to believe I started accutane over six months ago. It sounds like I have 1-2 months left in my course, not out of necessity but because I started slow so I have yet to reach my ideal cumulative dose. I'm on 60 mg still. Lips are a pain but I really am hardly getting any noticeable dry skin. My skin does burn pretty easily, so I need to wear sunscreen more! I'm really glad I got on this drug.
  3. Day 144 It blows me away that I've made it this far, yet here I am. Day 144. I'm on 60 MG a day now. My skin has surprisingly not been near as dry, but my lips are still very chapped. In today's pictures you can see a really terrible cut I have on one of them now (it showed up on it's own, they were so chapped). I've just been putting a lot of lip ointment on, but every time I smile it breaks the scabbing (and hurts like hell). Any suggestions? I'm hoping things keep getting better and my sc
  4. Day 105 It kind of seems like I've made minimal progress in the last month. I'm on 40 mg still and I am still getting new pimples and a few cysts here and there. It's better than when I started, of course, but it had yet to go away. I also still have raised bumps where my largest cysts used to be, even after 4 months, and they can be very unsightly in certain lighting. I have very little pain from my acne now though, which is good. I'm hoping things keep going as they have been.
  5. Day 77 Things keep getting better, but now I have more scarring, especially on the side of my face. Also, since I've started on 40, I've noticed two side effects. The first is that my lips are now starting to bleed and scab over, as you can see in the picture, which is especially painful when I smile. The second is that the hair on the side of my head is very thin, which I think is due to the medication. I only noticed it now that I cut my hair, but I'm hoping that goes away.
  6. Day 68 So, it's continued getting better. My lips have been drying really bad, but my skin has been ok. I've still just been on 20, but I'm going to start on 40 in a few days. I've had a few really large painful cysts that have arisen suddenly that I have had to get injected, but otherwise I haven't been getting too many new pimples. I think that's a good sign. Where my largest cysts were on the side of my mouth, it now feels really hard and slightly bumpy, even two months after they've gone
  7. Day 35 I haven't updated this in a while. I've stayed on 20 mg this month as per my derm's suggestion. About a week ago I started seeming to break out more, which I have equated to somewhat of an initial breakout in a drawn-out way because of my low dosage. My really painful cysts went down with cortisol, but the red marks are still there. I'm afraid I'm scarring, but I'm trying not to worry about it. Here's to progress.
  8. I actually didn't have to get a blood test before I started it, but i know some people do. The follow up appointments are needed to fill your next 30 days, so they will probably be in time to get a blood test done and results back, but I'm not totally sure on the details either!
  9. Thank you! I'm definitely hoping it clears quickly. Day 10 Still not much to update on. My lips have been getting pretty dry but chapstick has been helping, and my skin actually hasn't been very bad but I have been moisturizing (though only once a day). I have big cysts on either side of my face, and I have thought about trying to get an appointment in this week to try cortisone for them, but I'm still not totally sure if I should. I think these pictures are a little better because my redness
  10. Hello! So, this is my accutane log. Seeing others logs and activity on this forum has really helped me in the past so I wanted to give back myself. I have dealt with mild acne for the past three or for years (as one might expect in adolescence) but in the past six months it has become far more severe and cystic and painful. I have tried all sorts of OTC medication, diet/lifestyle changes, supplements, doxycycline, perscription BP/Clindamycin/Retin-A/Sulfacetamide Sodium Sulfur, and so on. So, I