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    Snowboarding, dating, working out - lifting weights, movies, MUSIC, working on my cars, playing hockey/football/soccer, watching sports.. Im more or less up for anything fun.
  1. Back off you vulchers! I just gave them to my roomate, and it looks like they are doing him pretty well already.
  2. I ordered two tubes of BP from this site and just got them today. Both are sealed and unopened. I'm sure I won't be able to return them, so what should I do with them? Ebay it? lol I've found that the bp just doesn't do anything at all for me, while the OTS seems to work quite well with me. I donno why, but I do know I just spent $22 on basically nothing. Do people buy these from other people on the forum?
  3. I put on a full finger, and I do it exactly how the site say to. Just nothing happens in the morning. My acne isn't too severe.. it's pretty light actually.
  4. For the first bit of doing this regimen I used that stuff and I *thought* my skin was looking clearer, whether or not it was a fluke I don't know. After a bit, I switched to Dans BP and was amazed at how much clearer and easier it was to apply to my face. Unfortunately, 2 bottles later, my acne is just as bad as it was before, with no hopes of clearing up. I just ran out of my last bottle and reordered two more bottles (stupid mistake I think). So I decided to use an unopened bottle of that OTS
  5. Well if it makes you feel any better Dan, I beleive the bottle was damaged by the mailman, not by any error of your manufacturing. He careleslly tossed it onto the ground by the door and the side of the package nicked my house, and when I opened it up, it was more of the package being broken open rather than cut open.
  6. I just used Dans BP for the first time, and Im completely confused how how you can get a full finger of this stuff on. When I was using OTS, I could get the whole amount on, but this, since its a gel, its slimier (donno if thats the right word) but it glides over my skin so much more effortlessly, that a half a finger completely coats my face and takes a while to get absorbed. So what do I do with the rest of the half of my finger? How do you guys do it?! I was thinking maybe I should just do i
  7. Ok thats definitely cool, makes me feel better. Dont they worry about people abusing the system, though? It woudlnt suprise me if someone consistently somehow had a broken bottle..
  8. Oh thats cool =) Thanks for the tip. Do I send my bottle back to them?
  9. Two things Im not really liking about the BP, call me crazy.. 1) Does anyone truely find this to be that great of a deal? At my local target, OTS costs $3.29. Buying one on here, it was like $12 and change. Its a better deal for the money, sure, but then when you factor in it took about a week to get here, does it really become that good of a deal? 2) Packing of the materials. My BP came with a CUT on the end of the tube, and in the mail a good 3 fingers worth of BP leaked into the package. Ho
  10. el oh el


    Some random piccies
  11. Man Im so jealous Awesome results tho! Congrats I know what its liek to have bad skin =/ Im glad this is working for some people though, no one should have to go through this crap.
  12. Ya know, I understand WHY it makes sense, but I dont really know how to explain it lol. I guess its just the 10% is too concentrated for your skin to handle, but 2.5% isnt nearly as harsh, so when you put it on, no matter how much, you skin can handle it much better.
  13. Excellent, thanks for the responses guys, Ill stick with it. The liberal amount I apply to my face is exactly what it says on here- two full fingers (since its not his BP, its the OTS kind). I never started out w/ using a smaller amount and ramping up. I used to use persagel Bp 10%, so my skin is fairly used to it already, so I decided ramping up to it wasnt necessary. My skin doenst even get too dry, it feels more uncomfortable than anything. As to the moisturizer comment, Ill start using tha
  14. Hey all, Ive been on this regimen for about a month or so now. Ive gone through about 3 bottles of the Nuetrogena OTS stuff, and my results arent very promising. I was reading on this site that for moderate acne, I should be seeing some results by now. This isnt the case. After my 3rd day into this, my face really seemed a LOT better, and Im not sure if it was just my imagination or not. For reasons beyond me, I didnt do it the next day (maybe I forgot? I cant remember). Anyways, I started rig
  15. Just as the title says, how bad was your skin doing when you started this regimen? Ive been using 10% bp stuff for a while now, so I thought I would handle this regimen full title. For the past few days Ive been doing this, and my skin HURTS =/ It peels like crazy, I can barely open my mouth to eat because my skin feels tight, and it just plain stings. I just read the Starting up problems people have, and I read about people doing what I did. Starting full title. Wish I had read that before I