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  1. I'm central time in the USA thats 12pm for me! london is 6 hours ahead of texas
  2. I'm central time! any time on Aug 1st works for me
  3. How has no one said anything about the AHA?? You should not be using it everyday, your redness is from using aha everyday.. You need to cut down to using it every other day or every 3 days, and on the days youre not using AHA as a mositurizer use dans moisturizer, also you shouldn't be in the sun when using AHA, or reapply sunscreen every 2 hours while using AHA it took me about 3 months to stop having flaky skin and around 3 months for the moisturizer to actually start absorbing into my skin
  4. Zitsuck21 get on the regimen! Its worked wonders for so many people, liver cleaning? That wont help acne, BP kills the bacteria that cause inflammation which is the acne lesion itself, you need to order the full kit and stick to it for 4+ months, then i want to see you make another post on your progress, forget all this expensive stuff that won't even treat your acne
  5. i have similar scarring and don't want to make them or my overall skin worse by treating them with expensive treatments, looking for a safe and effective treatment but theres so much info out there but not really 100% clear info, have you tried an AHA OR BHA
  6. ghata, I'm now on my 7th week of the regimen and i was in the same boat as you during my 4th and 5th week.. my skin was dark( you could see a line from the different shade on my face to my neck lol) and i was peeling like crazy and moisturizer didn't help at all i felt and looked worse than when i just had the acne, but quitting never crossed my mind because i knew it would be worth it. and week 6 my face started to become less flaky and now the moisturizer covers any flakes i do have, and at we
  7. So i used a 1pump of aha and 1pump of moisturizer and it made my skin color look much better thoughout the day then 2pumps of moisturizer. And i do use 1pump at a time, wait, and then apply the second pump of moisturizer and still my face looks oily and is sticky almost i hate it.. I already did my evening regimen and as i type this my face feels and looks oily and so gross. What moisturizer do you use instead of dan's? Because I'm done with this crappy moisturizer. Also i really really want one
  8. I have the same problem-the darkening and oily look. Wouldnt the oil absorbing sheets also pick up the moisturizer while picking up the oil? Also my skin darkens with the use of 2pumps of dan's moisturizer, so tomorrow I'll use 1pumpAHA and 1pump moisturizer in the morning instead of in the evening and do 2pumps moisturizer in the evening and see how my skin looks through out the day!