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  1. Tough choice. But Im glad I dont have a weight problem or else I wouldnt know what to do with myself. I cant really answer the question because losing alot of weight is probably just as hard as getting rid of acne.
  2. I dont feel suicidal but just down most of the time. I try to stay positive and do some hobbies to take my mind of things. But I know how you guys feel, I feel you pain.
  3. I definitely notice when im stressed that I break out way more often. Its one of the biggest factors because I think extra oils in the body are being released. I try not to sweat the small stuff. Its not worth it.
  4. Its not worth it to just stay home and not enjoy. You dont get second changes in life. IF people look at you just ignore them. if they ask you whats wrong with your face just ignore them. Never answer to the critic.
  5. Ive had a lot in High school. Nothing really in college. I still get flashbacks about it sometimes and it does hurt and it angers me.
  6. Everything you mentioned can be covered by hiring a maid and a prostitute. Good luck with that!
  7. That's too much egotistical male superficiality for me. All I need from a girl is to reciprocate the love. I want a lover/friend, not a slave/whore. If the girl doesn't stimulate both heads, then I can't appreciate her. Any chick can come along with a bucket of chicken wearing a g-string; And as enticing as that would be, unless it's that "one girl", I wouldn't divulge.
  8. id say moderate now. Severe before. Only thing that has helped me a good diet free of junk food and accutane. All that facial creams, BP, topicals did Zero for me.