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  1. so many bullshit post's in this thread people turn the opinions into fact's After you stop taning you break out? thats not true maybe for you, but not for everyone again its an opinion and your not going to get Freakin skin cancer by going to a freakin taning bed 10-20 time s during your lifetime
  2. 100% not true, thats your opinion not a fact
  3. what about just drinking good ole Regular apple cider? to much sugar? or what..
  4. I have a Question for everyone, now before i wash my face i wash my hands with a Anti-bacterial hand soap, i know they say to wash your hands for at least 30 seconds, But how long do you usally wash your hands for? over 30 seconds? 60 seconds? longer? Just wondering
  5. Hey guys i have a question im thinking about geting a cyst injected. Has anyone here done this before? do you know if it would aggervate the near by skin? it says its a steroid. ive hear like freakin 90 times the steriods are realy bad with ppl with acne. and i want to be puting that into my body, even in an injection form? i guess my main question is to the poeple who have had a cyst /removed/injected did it cause any problems as far as making your near by skin worse?
  6. im going to try this then im going to Drink it what do i have to loose? i mean it cant give you more pimples right?
  7. So Tom's of Maine natural toothpaste is Good to use? wow i just saw how long ago this thread was started
  8. Well im wondering if anyone here has ever drank this stuff......you can go onto there awesome website and tell me what you think.. Do you guys think it May help clear up ALOT of people's acne.....or.....? http://www.gacfruit.com/index.asp
  9. isnt Minocycline the same thing as Doxy? So does this Vision lost happen right away or does it take time... i was on mino and i started geting headaches and i kept taking it anyways. my eyes should be fine down the road.?
  10. So yeah i bought 2 bottles of Green Tea/white tea from whole foods today and im going to drink them ill drink 1 today and the other tomorrow heres 1 of the bottles (actually one of them is a "white tea" sounds good!) this one is called INKO'S White Tea http://healthywhitetea.com/ and the other is a whole foods brand Green tea "organic mint green tea" anyone else like Green tea?