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  1. Definitely start taking an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen or alleve
  2. Metrogel has anti-inflammatory properties due to the fact it's a topical antibiotic. It worked for me for a little while, but then it slowly became less and less effective. It also dried out my skin, and as a result, my face would redden due to the dryness effect. I really didn't like using it in the winter, when the air was dry. Matheus - if down the line the Metrogel stops working for you, ask your derm about Biafine, which I'm using now. It's working well, and it doesn't irritate or dry my
  3. I have been using Biafine for the past two months for my rosacea - it is by far the best treatment I have ever tried. I had never heard of it, and my dermatologist gave me a prescription for it. She performs laser treatments, such as IPL, and Biafine is used to expedite the healing process. For some reason, it seems to work for rosacea as well. For me, it is in remission. I tried finacea, azeliac acid, metro gel, and rosula - none of them were effective for me. I have have a mild case for year
  4. Heh heh, scarcrash you are a person after my own heart. I think that at present doctors don't know nearly enough about the human body's amazing healing/regenerating power. There's enough stories out there about people miraculously recovering from cancer and other diseases when doctors told them that there was no hope, for me to believe that yes scars/skin can heal completely. The key I guess is finding a way to activate skin's natural healing system.
  5. Good point of not having seen much photographic evidence for LIS success.
  6. Here's another interesting article on silicone injections: http://leda.law.harvard.edu/leda/data/727/Tilleman05.html
  7. Your a fookwit dude, your post is littered with factually incorrect statements, Aquamid is a permanent filler not a semi permanent filler Ive had it myself and is available from a number of physicians in the USA as well as Bio Alcamid, other boards such as the spectacular skin or the old yes their fake board archives contain numerous posts from users who have had these treatments in the USA not only for scarring but for facial contouring.
  8. I was only referring to the inflammatory granulomas statement in the article, which does come from the 1977 article footnote cite
  9. Well, I haven't read the article, it must be old if it is saying silicone gel is used in the face, because that is illegal for face, it is only the silicone oil.
  10. I saw Gerrish a number of years ago - he put me on Acutane, and it worked well. I did get some collagen injections from him, which didn't really take - my scars were too bound down for the collagen to take effect. He didn't suggest doing anything else, which was dissapointing - I guess he didn't do any other type of scar revision surgery at the time, such as subcision or excision. He was a decent guy, from what I remember, and the prices were reasonable