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  1. day 2 i used the cleanser and did small spot treatment on my infected areas. I moistorized still looking the same
  2. Yes i find myself outside alot due to work so spf everyday.... I havent tried reducing the bp i still use the recommend regemin dosage... will reduce the amount of bp and take more pics
  3. Im having a really hard time continuing the regimen..... I have had presistant redness for about 5 monthes now and i just cant seem to get rid of it.... Can anyone give me some advice..... http://imgur.com/3n2N7L0
  4. Though rocasea is always a possiblilty only a dermentologist can really tell you if you have it or not. Alot of these redness relief products really don't help people who just have aggitated skin from OTC medications. You can always keep up a light cleanser forawhile to see if your redness improves. Also make sure you wear a sunscreen
  5. Make sure you use moisturizer atleast twice a day. You have been on the regimen 5 days so haveing dry skin like that is normal. Your face will get used to it and evertually the moisturizer will be able to keep it under control. The worst thing you can do is give up. If its to much you can try cutting back a little bit or applying bp every other day.
  6. Hey your face isnt that bad really, and i agree with with everyone has been saying. shaving and cleansing can really help you alot.
  7. man idk Man idk after reading all this it seems like b5 kind of jump starts MPB. Maybe if you have the MPB gene or prone to baldness this kind of like puts it in gear.... Thats the only thing i can think of... b5 hairloss is like an internet phenonium right now.
  8. How long have you been on this regemen from the derm??? Wether your acne is mild or severe usually a derm will change the regimen if its unable to treat your acne.
  9. yea the cleanser is 1% the toner is .5% the clear pore serum is 1%, (which is actually less than the usual dosage of 2%) and the acne treatment serum is 3.5% bp. I just am not responding well to Salicylic Acid anymore... I heard alot of stories of this stuff clearing cystic acne, but i have never seen it. However i would highly recomend the moistorizer again. The tubes probably last a couple monthes.
  10. Yea I have it.... Was on it for about a month, im probably going to stop soon. Honestly the product worked decent for my acne and I didnt get to dry. However the basic kit has a shit ton of sylcylic acid, and I think that might be making my face red. I thought it would lessen but im not so sure... It could work for you I know amazon had some good reviews on it. It mixes BP, sylcylic acid and awhole bunch of other stuff. Dude though honestly though they have the best moistorizer ever.......... Li
  11. Honestly you guys are some awesome people... I havent posted here in like 7 years, but after reading every post I thought I would give a shout out. You guys have really been through alot mang... Just dont ruin your lives over this.
  12. I just got off tane o-o how long will it take before the redness goes away usually.
  13. My girlfriend after 1 year and a month dumped me and i have been in a slump latley. Im on accutane 60 mgs a day but im depressed because she dumped me i dunno if the accutane is making it worse do i have to quit i dont want to o-o
  14. I have taken accutane for 2 weeks the reason i wanted to take accutane was because my face always got so red from all the other products im guessing i havent had a white face in 6 monthes and my face is pretty damn red right now how long did it take for you guys to not have a red face again?