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  1. Hopefully Free

    Starting Accutane

    Thanks man! I started the accutane and my face hasnt really gotten any worse and it seems like the zits have stopped appearing. Granted the meds i was on before did clean up a lot of my face but at the 14 week mark they were still appearing so thats why i went on accutane. Hopefully it will clear me up. I know people have talked all about the horrific side effects but other then being thirsty a lot and achy because i work out twice a day and the accutane amplifyes my sore muscles i feel fine. Al
  2. Hopefully Free

    advise please ?!?? *Accutane

    hey so im gonna start accutane in the next couple days, how bad are the side affects and have you been seeing some results yet? thanks h.f
  3. Hopefully Free

    Week 1

    Hi Thank you for writing this im about to start accutane and im a little nervous about the side effects and im also a little worried accutane wont work for me? How bad are the side effects and how long do you think it will be until i start seeing some results? Also how long will my face be red? Thanks H.F
  4. Hopefully Free

    Day 1

    Hey guys! Hopefully i'll be with you soon, i'm waiting to get my blood tests back so then i can take the first pill. Have you started seeing any results yet and how bad are the side effects for you? My doctor is telling me i have to moisterize all the time and even on my body? Do you do this? also to use aquafore for my lips and even in my nose a little so i dont get a nosebleed? If you could comment back that'd be awesome Thanks H.F
  5. Hopefully Free

    Starting Accutane

    Hello all, I'm a 15 year old boy and I am about to start accutane and i wanted to document my progress, I'd love if you guys comment back to me about your stories of acne and maybe going on Accutane. I went to the doctor yesterday after having been on Solodyn for 14 weeks sadly it hadn't cleared my acne, i was still getting large areas of red angry bumps. I actually started to feel good about my skin and that it was clearing up but after a week of seemingly no new zits it started up with the b
  6. Hopefully Free

    month 4 day 7

    Well done my friend. You have been successful! Hopefully it fades and you look totally clear forever. Best wishes to you.
  7. Hopefully Free


    haha ive been disaapointed 100 times too, my mom was like this cleanser worked wonders on "friend A" it will totally help you. Ended up making me sooooo much worse bc it counteracted my acne meds from the derm and was way to harsh of a cleanser. It actually left a red line of where i had used the cleanser. Accutane is the best stuff on the market and now it may seem like its making it worse sometimes its the best stuff out there and will totally clear you up. Perhaps not in the time frame that y
  8. Hopefully Free


    Glad to hear, Actually the weirdest thing happened over the past few days, i switched my cleanser and i actually applied some cortisone to my face as i read it helped. I dont know if your aware but cortizone is an anti inflammatory (can buy it at CVS or walgreens, walmart maybe) which acts as a cordate and it actually reduced my pimples a lot! my face is actually looking pretty good and i actually am feeling good about myself for the first time in a while so maybe you could try some of that too!
  9. Hopefully Free


    Hey, So im not on accutane tho i really wish i was as my acne really looks bad... I totally feel you on terms on feeling embarrassed going out in public, im not sure if this is how your feeling but to me it feels like everyone is looking at you, judging you, like your some circus freak with two heads, however in my case this is all in my head usually. (unless some asshole tries to look good in front of his friends and makes fun of me.) My whole life ive had pretty clear skin i was pretty c
  10. Hopefully Free

    Acne 12/24/2015

    Hello, i normally dont comment but i felt i needed to. Im not here to judge you or give life advise, I dont even know you but i just wanna say try not to let acne run your life i know its awful but a few pimples on your face is not call to stay inside and be in a dark room and sleep in your bed and not get up or decide not to go out and eat with your family because of a few little tiny zits that are barley noticeable and believe me ive done that to many times to count. I have looked in the mirro
  11. Hopefully Free

    W A I T

    I wish i could be as strong as you've become. Its hard for me because im a guy and cant cover my acne so it looks pretty bad. I try to stop caring but i just cant. Hopefully i'll gain the courage to be strong.
  12. Hopefully Free


    Hey Gia, I totally feel you im 15 and my acne only started around my 15th birthday which was pretty recent. Up until then my skin was totally clear but now it's broken out, red and irritated with clusters of zits on my cheeks. One of my really good friends who is a girl had the problem your having with the acne flare ups around that time of the month and she tried pretty much everything but to no avail then went on birth control because she had some really bad bleeding and cramps and it ac