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  1. That is something not to be believed, there are hundreds, if not, thousands of home remedies out there. If one is not patient with natural approaches, then one, will not succeed. There is no need to take drugs to heal the human body. Drugs have and still, harmed many out there. That is normal of course, It is a drug. And i have been endlessly arguing the potentiel dangers of these manufactured chemical/drugs. So why would I encourage someone to take accutane? how would you "feel" if someo
  2. Would you like to share one with us? That is a lie. If not, then, prove your statement. These natural cures can become wonderful cures when mixed with the right combinations. These have the power to heal. Patient is the key to sucess. There is this time of the year where hormones kick in and change "things" around you. You cannot win over your hormone changes. wait a little while for that to pass by. It happenes to every teenager out there. So be patient for that to eventually
  3. Everyone please, listen to me carefully. In my first topic, like i have mentioned it before, This talk is about the POTENTIAL dangers of these Chemical/drugs. Drugs with chemicals. Manufactured Chemicals can be used of course, but I strongly advise you to avoid DRUGS within these chemicals. This is what i have been endlessly arguing about. And Jess, yes, juicing is a great alternative way for many out there want to give it a try. This can be easily be home made, no need to buy it at all. A grea
  4. Thank you. This is what Dr.Cynthia Foster, MD Said:The Institute of Medicine found that as many as 98,000 hospitalized Americans die every year and 1 million more are injured as a result of preventable medical errors that cost the nation as estimated $29 billion. Adverse drug reactions were the fourth leading cause of death in the United States in the year 2000 - more common than breast cancer, AIDS or traffic accidents - with costs of more than $170 billion. In addition to these costs, T
  5. I am in no mood to argue anyfurther as i have mentioned it before. But seeing, you, as a moderator, than things can be interesting... If you want to use chemicals that can harm, than by all means go ahead. And please, read attentively my FIRST post, carefully. My first post is dedicated to chemical/drug. Therefor involving DRUGS in these chemicals. Behind the counter, especially. If the topic is GET OFF CHEMICAL PRODUCTS, than yes, my mistake. It should have GET OFF CHEMICAL\DRUG PRODU
  6. I will, as soon as i see him on "board statistics" Thank-you.
  7. For some reasons, i cannot have access to my original account, therefor i created a new one.
  8. Laugh all you want lion queen, for I, personally dont care. patient, is what made people have success with natural approaches. So, if your are on that "contrary" list, than for I, have no need to say anything else.
  9. Thank you Jen56 for your comment. I apreciate your honesty. And i am truly sorry to here the incidents that have happened to you. Best of luck to you in the future. And most of all, be safe. Jepp.
  10. Thank you Tash, it is my pleasure, to help out the best i can. Yes, unfortunatly, it has. But i did the best i can to help out. Even with proof, many people, ingnore it. That is the most heartwarming comment i have ever been sent. Thank you Tash, your are a very well mannered young lady. And i absolutly love your "natural approach cure" keep it up! Yes You are 100% right. Some make it out, some make it worse. Its a risk to take. Once again thank you. On an other side n
  11. 1.Lemon. Since your skin is dry then i advise you balancing the acidity with water(50/50) But please, explain better what type of complexion you have so we can have a better understanding. Usualy lemons are great to melt away your extra skin that clogs pores letting out the blackheads and whiteheads. Other than that, Lemons are natural and wont over dry your skin. Actually, it will balance oil production on your skin. 2. Natural green earth. (argile) is a 100% natural way of doing many wonders t
  12. Big mistake. To everyone that reads this, well, now you have proof that the majority of the people out there are ignorant. et voila. So before your bombared me with insults, i revise you, to "think" in what youve been telling me lately. I dont want to mean Fanny but I had to show people the truth. Eventually this puzzle will break down, in understanding better of what people have been doing wrong. Until then farewell.
  13. Leave that to others to decide. Good one! Well, guess what arent you that spammer? oh yes, that spammer who basicaly dosent have anything better to say than: Well, Guess what, read my posts. http://www.startthehealing.com/warnings.html http://www.startthehealing.com/warnings.html http://www.startthehealing.com/warnings.html http://www.startthehealing.com/warnings.html http://www.startthehealing.com/warnings.html http://www.startthehealing.com/warnings.html http://www.startthehealing.c
  14. That has been ALREADY mentioned MANY times. I have kept a promise, first of all, have your read the reason why i couldent post my images? Do you by ANY CHANCE, READ WHAT I SAY? What soap? tell me the brand name of this so called "soap" I wrote (if you even bothered reading) that i gave advice on INGREDIENTS on soap bars. You, know what, if any other users out there have been reading our posts attentively, they for sure, see you as a retard.