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  1. How often should I use salicylic acid? I have mild to moderate acne and my face can get red and dry. Should I only use a cleanser with salicylic acid every other night? At the moment I'm using it every night.
  2. I've had acne for a while. I use a cleanser with salicylic acid once a day at night, otherwise my skin becomes too dry and irritated. I also use Azelaic acid for my acne once a day as well. My main acne trouble spots are around my chin, mouth, and forehead. I also have blackheads on my nose. I've never exfoliated and I'm thinking it might be a good idea. First of all how often do you think I should exfoliate, and what kind of exfoliate should I use?
  3. I have pretty sensitive skin and it drys out easy. What which cleanser would you recommend?
  4. I've been getting several little white heads around my mouth area. They usually sprout up around eachother and they're pretty small but still noticeable. Anyone know what this could be caused by?
  5. Just wondering what people recommend as the best time to cleanse. My face dries out really easily and I think it's best for me to cleanse once daily. Should it be morning or night?
  6. Just wondering what people recommend as the best time to cleanse. My face dries out really easily and I think it's best for me to cleanse once daily. Should it be morning or night?
  7. hey thanks for the advice. After a week or so I've already seen great improvements. My skin looks clearer and not nearly as red. And to my surprise I haven't been breaking out much. I took peoples advice and I have been washing with warm water, not too hot. Before I thought the hotter the better but I'm seeing why that's wrong. I've been cleansing at night followed up with some moisturizer. I wake up, shower and moisturize again during the day. I'll try and post some pictures to show my improvem
  8. the hot water can irritate my skin causing me to break out right?
  9. I've had acne for several years and I've tried several combinations of treatment. One big problem I have is that my face dries out real easy, especially after cleansing. My face usually looks a lot better after cleansing but even cleansing once a day regularly and using Azelex for my treatment, my face will dry out. I do use complex 15 moisturizer every night and sometimes during the day. My face benefits from cleansing and Azelex, but using both daily dries out my skin. Does anyone have any
  10. I use Azelex. It's a cream for acne and redness. How long should I keep the cream on my face for? Should it be all day, up until I wash my face again at night? When it's on my face, my skin is less red and just better overall; however, I'm not sure if it will dry my skin out too much. Any insight?
  11. This is something to mention that has improved my acne fairly quickly. Showering daily. I tend to get lazy sometimes and skip a day of showering. But I find my skin in general looks better after a nice warm shower. Duh i guess. just dont be lazy.
  12. I've been using it for about 7months now. For a month or two i only used it at night. I'm supposed to use it morning and night, and once i started doing that, a few months later i started to see improvements. Ever since then its been more or less improving. Theres always those times when it seems to be working, then your face likes to dissapoint you. But in the end its been working better than I thought. Just gotta get over that first month or two hump as always
  13. Azelex was givin to me by my dermatologist. i have acne mostly on my cheeks and forhead. Along with that acne i have redness, mostly on the cheeks. My dermatologist said it may also improve my redness. The Azelex has shown improvements in my acne and it has improved the redness.