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  1. Have you tried using Papaya Soap? This is the only one that worked for me as far as redness and discolorizations from acne.
  2. I have found papaya soap really helped with my redmarks. I wash with papaya soap everynight. The papain in papaya is a great exfoliant and papaya soap is also used to lighten the skin, which helps the red marks and discolorization.
  3. Have you guys tried LIV.52? This is the best supplement to protect your liver, do a search on any search engines about this. There have been 300 studies about this product. For those on accutane I highly recommend using this product.
  4. I have used eskinol brand papaya cleanser, i noticed it goes well with the papaya soap. The papain from the papaya is a very good exfoliant. Papaya soaps also helped with my red marks and discolorization.
  5. I use Eucerin Pore clearing wash and goes well with Eucerin clear skin moisturizer. It is very effective in clearing up pores.
  6. I have very oily skin as well, I use b-5 which helped it a lot and Gatsby Brand Oil absorbing sheets, it is much better than the clean and clear, it is larger and also cheaper and seems to absorb oil better. It is imported and made in Japan.
  7. Eucerin clear skin formula is the best moisturizer period.
  8. I was able to obtain a couple bottles of retinol and clendomycin combination when I was overseas, it is made by vmv and it worked wonders for my acne. I did not even know anyone else made a product like this until i read the post here.
  9. Eucerin clear skin, it is the best moisturizer i have used, it contains lactic acid and clears your pores.
  10. I found papaya soap to be very effective in removing acne marks and redness. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and have seen a great difference.
  11. I found the best way to remove red marks is by washing with papaya soap. I wash with papaya soap every night and it has greatly reduced the red marks. Papaya is also known as a good exfoliant.
  12. You can try using papaya soap to lighten your skin, it works really well for me, you can get hydroquinone w/ retin A on ebay as well.
  13. Anyone use the new Eucerin Clear Skin moisturizer? I have started using this and i swear this is the best moisturizer i have used so far, it unclogs pores and contains lactic acid to replenish skin. It cost more than the regular Eucerin moisturizer but you get what you paid for. I noticed it helped my skin stay clear and smooth throughout the day, i can't imagine using any other moisturizers. This is a new product from Eucerin and i highly recommend this. Anyone else use this? I would appr
  14. I use papaya soap which is suppose to be skin whitening, I found it very effective in removing red spots and acne discolorization, i use it as part of my regimen, i would recommend people to use this for red spots caused by severe dryness to BP, papaya is also known to exfoliate really well.
  15. Morning: Wash with erno laszlo soap for oily skin Use VMV clendomycine phosphate retinoic acid Oxy 10 for spot treatments afternoon St. Ives apricot scrub medicated evening erno laszlo soap for oily skin Maxipeel or baby face with tetrinoin Himitsu moisturizer Spot treatment with erytromycin anti bacterial 6 grams of b-5 through out the day Note: Maxipeel greatly reduced my acne but kinda dried my skin so I use the Himitsu moisturizer which is a very good combination. My s