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  1. Well howdy havent talked to you in A super long time haha I havent been here in a long time , just stopped by and seeing how your skin is doing>> I hope your doing ok now and I hope your skin regimen is working out for you. Its been so long i cant remember if you were on a regimen or accutane haha sorry Maybe you can fill me in on the cracks...

    Anyways I wont be on much I come

  2. Hey!! I hope your skin is magical now!! lol It feels sooooooo good to be done doesn't it? hopefully its for good huh? Keep in touch! if you want of course...lol you totally dont have to but anywho it's been nice getting through this with some good friends. Lara is doing great as well. were just in the middle of finals. ( i feel like the last time I told you that was the last time i talked to you!) Well anyway, just checking in to say congrats and cheers! (too bad we cant have a real toast to
  3. Helloooooooo tane people!!! SO i havent been around in a long long longgggg time, but yes i am DONE! And I've been clear for almost 3 months now. What remains are a couple, very faded, barely there marks, but they shouldnt be a problem in about 2 more months. I am so happy with the results. Accutane, although painful in the beginning, was terribly worth every single day! I definitely have a renewed snese of taking care of my skin and myself as well. I will never go outside without some lig
  4. 4th month check up! It went well, she says im doing really well (knock on wood). I will be on it for another month to total 5, and then we will make a decision at the 5 month appointment. So ya nothing to report, just that things are doing okay and that im almost done!! I'm having some serious dryness issues in certain places but thats nothing out of the ordinary by now. My marks are slowly healing away. My cholesterol is amazing at 138. any questions peeps! just ask! -me.
  5. Hey Explosioninthesky! YES, my joints are often pretty bad. My wrists, my ankles, sometimes my lower back. I found that I get sore. I don't usually gete sore because I work out more than enough as well. Awesome that you're an athelete!! Definitely don't give up the working out while you're on this stuff! Just maybe take it a little easier on yourself. I'm not sure about the bone strength thing, I don't take any supplements, I don't really believe in them lol, I just make sure I get my fruits a
  6. Sooooo im getting to the midpoint of month 4... I know I know I'm a slacker and haven't been here, buttttt here we gooo... My skin has been in limbo for some time. Doing well and I can't complain (knock on wood) buttttt I still have my marks that just won't go away. I also have gotten a couple of nice scars. But hey, the best of us have our battle scars I guess, again, no complainttttts. I've been extremely sore because of rugby season starting up. Yes, I play on the women's rugby team. lol it
  7. depressedj--Thank you, that's so nice of you to say. If only everyone thought like you!! lol, I'd be a happy camper then! California-- Good luck. For me, accutane had been tough but if you're patient I'd say it's worth it. So far I can say that anyway. Le tme know if you have any specific questions and I'll let yo know how my experience went. For me, my IB was terrible...I had cysts cysts cysts. I just left them alone until they went away by themselves. BEST advice ever is to touch NOTHING on
  8. hey Brit! Yea at first I had some hair falling out, but as time went on that slowed down a lot. Mostly if it falls out now its from it being so dry. try to keep it hydrated with conditioners and whatnot you should be okay and I know that its helped me a lot. You know what actually now that im later in my treatment ive noticed some hair growth in weird places like light facial hair and body hair. It's really weird but its like fuzz. I would come to the conclusion that my skin is thinning and its
  9. Thanks ryry! yea school is a huge stressor. I try to keep myself stress free by working out drinking tea taking a walk, whatever gets my stress levels back to normal. it does help and you feel like a better more at peace person when you're actively helping yourself out! Um i believe this is the end of the first week in my 4th month of tane. Things are going excellent, *knock on wood* I have a couple of clogged pores but nothing major. My skin is still healing the marks away, although the marks
  10. Update: That one under my eye is not so good...its become quite the nasty monster. And a small one on the left side of my face. probably from all the school stress...ahhhhhhh wellllllllll....lets hope they get going soon...
  11. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO my beautiful taners! Keep the spirits up up up! It has been agessss since I've posted, or well, it seems like its been ages, but maybe just a few weeks. We all know that a few weeks can mean life or death on this stuff so let's go through what i've been through the past while.... Well I was at one point kindof in limbo, maybe a few little newbies here and there that werent too noticable, so at that point things were looking like they might actually be getting better. but thennnn
  12. Thanks Mrs. N for checking on me!!! Oh how I've missed the message board so! lol I hope all is well with you and the family. You are too kind for stopping in mama! It's been forever since ive updated, Things havent been too eventful though, and school had taken a lot of my attention these past few. Busy busy busy. it never ends!! Good news is i havent been paying much attention to my skin, and actually i think its been helping it. Probably because ive directed my attention and stress elsewhere.
  13. Hey Tanya, I wanted to know if you used any BP to spot treat when you had newbies? Or some other topical maybe? I get mixed reactions about whether its okay or not. My derm says its okay if you only put it on broken out areas and on the spots. Sooo the pressing question is...to spot treat or not to spot treat?! Maybe only over night? What did you do?
  14. UMMMMMMMM HELLO if I end up with that side effect even if its only for the course of this treatment I will kill someone lol ESPECIALLY because no waxing or anything is allowed....oh man at least you're a guy...maybe its a guy side effect?? Hey my favorite mountain climber in life! How's life tap tha rackies?
  15. started at 40mg's for the first month then 60 mg's a day currently. I am currently ignoring my face until one day when I wake up and it'll be the biggest suprise that TADAA my skin looks normal and I am me againnnnn. patience is a virtue.