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  1. You know the saying, if it sounds to be good to be true......................... Dee
  2. Dee25


    Actually yes, I was diagnosed with BDD a few years ago. I also suffered from Bulemia in my teens. My acne scars didn't really bother me much until recently. Maybe I am overreacting, I just thought they suddenly looked worse due to some weight loss. I know I have low self esteem and I take anti-depressants. Maybe I am studying them too much, but I know they are noticeable. They are definitely not imagined, although I could be exaggerating how bad they look. It's the left cheek that really both
  3. Hi, Because Vitamin C is known to help produce collagen, it could definitely help. I would recommend taking at least 1000mg per day. You can buy Solgar Vitmain C capsules with pure L-Ascorbic Acid and I'd also suggset using a topical Vitamin C Serum, such as Obagi Professional C Serum or Cellex-C. HTH :) Dee
  4. Like you say, fillers defintely work best for rolling scars. The probem with ice pics is that they are usually quite deep. The filler would need to go between the dermis and subcutaneous tissue in some instances. And for this to work, the doctor would need to use subcision before injecting the filler or the bound down scar tissue will not raise to the surface even with the filler. HTH :) Dee
  5. Yeah, I don't see why not. You will get more collagen production in that area. I use Obagi and we are supposed to use 1g of Retin A all over the face...that is about the length of your finger tip to the first joint. HTH :) Dee
  6. Ha ha yeah, well the ones with the longer spikes do. The one I have just looks like a little mini paint roller with bristles. Please let us know what your doc thinks about it all. Dee
  7. For a professional treatment, I would think applying the CP serum followed by emu oil immediately after or you can actually buy a special copper peptide type ointment. It's called Procyte CU3 Intensive Repair Cream and can be used after laser resurfacing and chemical peels. It's looks like purple vaseline lol. I used it after having erbium laser resurfacing and it worked great, I healed really quick within about 10 days. Dee I guess you could apply CP's before and after if you wanted
  8. This is great. I think 0.75 could definitely be just as effective as a professional treatment. But 2mm, ouch! I just apply either copper peptides or vitamin c serum after. Anything that soothes inflammation and promotes collagen production is good. But definitely avoid AHA's and retinoids for at least 24 hours. HTH Dee
  9. Dee25

    scar sexy

    I think they can look good on men. I've always had a thing for Bryan Adams, I think it's his scars that make him so sexy! Dee Good for you, well said! I can't believe some of the comments on here. This is supposed to be a support board, not a place to make each other feel like crap....jeez. I've never had a problem with acne scars on other people, I just don't like them on myself. I think when people find flaws in others, they are just projecting insecurities about their ow
  10. Hiya, This link should be in english: http://www.hairreturns.com/frames.html The micropigmentation equipment looks like this: http://www.permark.com/shop/dsp_viewGroups.cfm?family_ID=54 There is a hand piece with disposable needles. I've had micropigmentation done for my lips and it doesn't hurt too much, just feels quite sore. It scabs over the next day and then heals over a week or so. HTH Dee
  11. Thanks for the reply. I would definitely be going privately. Any idea of consult costs or contact details? Thanks again, Dee :)
  12. Hi, Needling stimulates collagen production and they also use it to treat signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles, so I don't see why it couldn't improve your scars. I guess you'd just have to be more cautious because of the Rosacea. HTH :) Dee
  13. Hi Dee (this is so wierd lol!) I bought mine from this link: http://www.hairreturns.com/shop.htm - The needles are 0.3mm, I'm not sure about the Leaf & Rusher one. That Novaderm sounds awesome, I just looked it up. If it has 0.75mm needles, that would be a professional one. Dee
  14. Did he not suggest a shave excision? Dee