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  1. has anyone gone to the center for plastic surgery in annandale virginia or chevy chase maryland? im going to a free consultation for fraxel treatments with dr. G. Wesley Price. has anyone had experience with him or any of his co doctors, Dr. Albert F. Fleury, Jr. and Dr. James H. French, Jr. I also wanna do excision. has anyone gone to them for that?
  2. does the fraxel sr1500 get rid of stretch marks?
  3. wut do they use and why dont they have it here in america?
  4. Has anyone gone to Dr. French in Annandale Virginia? i wanna get subsicion and excision followed by fraxel. heres their website The Center for Plastic Surgery
  5. your suppose to wait 6 months after you finish your accutane before you can do laser treatments
  6. u should probably get punch excisions. theyre suppose to work really good for ice picks and its usually 50 for each scar
  7. i read that some ppl's doctors said that they find a better improvement when they do lower settings but more passes. If you were to get fraxel treatments this way would you not get red and swollen?
  8. did your scarred pores on your nose dissapear?
  9. i think u should do excision followed by fraxel
  10. Whos the best doctor in the northern virginia area for doing fraxel treatments with?
  11. skins is way more important than the body. i had a great body from weight lifting and excersing but it was all for nothing because i had horrible skin and i couldnt show off my body, so if u have a great body but bad skin it will all be for nothing
  12. for the first two weeks i got really oily but then it all of the sudden went away starting the third week. u start breaking out the first month, then the second month is a rollercoaster, then it keeps getting better the third month and by the fourth month u should be totally clear and no more pimples. then its just getting the red marks to fade from there. for dry lips you should get aquaphor. your lips dont get really dry until month 2. You should take your accutane pills with omega 3 fish oil.