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  1. Yes I am female what is Spriolactone?
  2. I completely disagree with the above statement. I had horrible acne in high school and it was a horrible experience. Nothing positive at all came out of it. So when I had my son and he started breaking out badly at the age of 10, I took him to the dermatologist. We did the whole regimens of cream, antiobotics etc so I went thru a number of doctors until I found someone who would put him on Accutane. That was 4 1/2 years ago and he is still got gorgeous skin, thanks to Accutane. He now thanks me
  3. Yeah, I am sure there are alot out there like us, but I think I would rather battle a few wrinkles than deal with oil slick face. LOL Yes, I use the blotting sheet, just wish there was a solution. I think we with really oily skin should contact the makeup makers and tell them that if they can get a product to work on us, then they really have something. I drink alot of water which seems to help alittle. I live on the East coast and even in the winter my skin is out of control oily.
  4. I have horribly oily skin and have for all my life, I have tried everything over the counter for it and nothing works, been to dermatologists and they want me on antibotics for life. I also have Rosacea and so my skin is very sensitive. I am 49 and every dermatologist has told me how happy I will be with oily skin when I am 60 because I wont wrinkle as bad. Well that is all well and fine, but I am tired of being shiny and greasy all the time. I rinse my face with water about 6 or 8 times a day t
  5. The grapefruit spray for the face that says it helps oily skin, NOT!!! Dont waste your money like I did!!!
  6. You will be amazed at how fast the accutane works, my son had acne almost like yours at age 10. In less than a month, I saw a remarkable differance. He was on it for 5 months and it has now been 4 1/2 years and not one pimple since. It is a miracle drug!!! Cannot wait to hear about your progress. Just make sure you keep your labs up everymonth because it does sometimes raise cholestrol levels. Good luck sweetie!!!!