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  1. suchada86

    raw honey

    raw honey

    I love this stuff. it makes skin so soft and smooth and helps with scarring. I do a mask once a week and leave on for about 30-45 minutes. it really has made a huge difference in my complexion. Make sure you get raw honey!
  2. anyone know how to get rid of acne scars? any scar treatment?
  3. it works for blackheads

    i soak cotton pad with egg white as mask on my nose and leave 3 mins or until it dry...my skin was so soft! and the blackheads on my nose were noticeably less..it is amazing and it is not irrating
  4. suchada86



    it worked i felt good when i used this product but it is not the best product
  5. not for acne prone skin!!

    i have very oily skin and this foundation has great coverage and controls my oily skin i like the shades but after using this product for 3 days i started to have serious acne and left acne scar so NO.
  6. it works

    i have been using this benzoyl 2.5% for 1 year and it works for me it doent dry my face off but it doesnt clear all 100% but im happy with the result and will continue use it

    i started to have acne since i was 18 and tried many products but last year i went to see dermatologist and he prescribed me this retinA and benzac ac..to apply retinA 1 time at night everyday(whole face) and now it clears all acne i have been using this for 2 years..
  8. too dry

    i used this product and it didn't help to clear my acne at all and my face was very dry and feel off
  9. good

    i like it it helps a lot with blackhead acne on my nose and its good for daily scrub!
  10. not for sensitive skin

    it was ok for me in beginning after that for while my skin got burned and got more deep blackhead acne..horrible!!
  11. the best for sensitive skin

    i had a lot of acne before and i went to see dermatologist and he recommended me this product it helps me a lot with my skin personally it works very well for me with BP i will continue use this cleanser i love love cetaphil