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  1. i was looking the scar in the mirror today seems like the scar doesnt rly have a indentation its like a impression because around the scar is kinda bumpy i dont know why doesnt seem to be an hypertrophic scar too o think the real problem is on the texture and the bumpy area around my dermastamp and my single needlings are arriving anyway this month/january for my minor boxscars and i have bought a 30% tca that will arrive in january too, i will post the progress thank you for the help
  2. my scar is shallow isnt deep, and is a new scar, there is about 1 month, isnt from acne, is from an accident that i had while playing footbal my skin was abraded and when the scab fall out the area formed a strange scar the scar is almost flat as the skin but the texture is kinda rough and all around the scar is like bumpy doesnt seem to be an hypertrophic scar dont know if this is because the wound is healing yet i think the area is to big to try TCA cross and isnt that deep too what
  3. i do, everyday, everytime, i dont plan to end my own life but sometimes i wonder if there is just a button that you can press and end everything instantly i wouldve pressed it already like robertito said, theres treatments out there and the future is more promising.. lets hold hope is everything we have for now
  4. anyone already tried? any recommendations? ive read that alot of ppl say that nose reacts different i have a scar dent on my nose and im want to improve it anyone can help me with some tips regarding tca?