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  1. DHound did you take accutane? how did you clear your skin up?
  2. LOL! wow good work! pretty pretty skin now I'm glad! You're so courageous, I'm still afraid to take Accutane.
  3. Looks really good. Great improvement! I think if the slight redness even out further more in the future, it'll look better!
  4. Hey Cassie, What is the severity of your acne before you take accutane? Does it clears up your Blackheads and Whiteheads too?
  5. Haha! Video too dark to see your IB! How's your IB? How many extra acne you get from the IB?
  6. Wow what.... My acne is currently controlled by antibiotics for 5 months. Finally, took 4 months to work! Around 90% clear too... I feel like going on Accutane now to get fully clear. So afraid of the worsening of acne when I go on tane, but my skin is mostly flat, still some persistent acne leaving indented scars. Was your skin mostly flat and clean before you go on Accutane? like just 2/3 bumps? Did you take any antibiotics prior Accutane? and more appear out of nowh
  7. Then to be honest with you. There is indeed an improvement. You have lesser acne. Really. Anyways, how fast did your IB went away? How long did it last?
  8. Are both the pictures the same cheek? If so I definitely see an improvement. Well done! Did you get an initial breakout though? I'm so afraid to go on accutane.
  9. Hey Kazalea, Very nice improvement with the subcision! They look better now! Anyways, did accutane caused those scars? did you have an initial breakout with accutane?