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  1. I've been using SM for over a year now and I love it!! The coverage is great not to sheer not to heavy. The oil control is wonderful - it doesn't dry my skin out at all. Not many companies let you try 6 samples of any of their products for the cost of shipping. And I can't say enough about the customer service. It's the best! I've tried many other brands and SM is my favorite. BradiBug
  2. I tried to use for a week but the itching was so bad I had to stop!!!
  3. I like EM's Premium Kabuki too, but I use my Signature Minerals Buki everyday since I got it!! I like the way it holds my mineral foundation and I get grerat coverage with it!! Has any one tried EM's Sooshco Baby Kabuki Brush? I was just wondering how it worked. I need to stop collecting brushes but I can't help myself!!
  4. My Favorite is Signature Minerals!! I've been using it for quite awhile now and still lovin it!! Ditto on the Customer Service Sue it's the best.
  5. If I had blues eyes and I wish I did. I would use rich warm browns, tawny colors, soft peaches and lavenders. Maybe try violet on the lid and in the crease of the eyelid. Use the lighter color lavender above the crease to the brow bone. I think this would bring out the blue color of your eyes. I would stay away from black eyeliner and mascara. Try a blue/brown mascara and either a brown or navy eyeliner. Lucky you Blue eyes and Blonde hair. I'm so jealous!!
  6. I love Signaturre Minerals!! You get a great coverage and their finishing veils already have kaolin clay in them. It really controls my oil all day. Great samples....you can choose 6 of anything. I found a foundation shade with my first sample order. No more mixing for me.
  7. CherylSue....you are crazy!! I have 3 kabuki and I thought that was to many. I must say my Signature Buki is my fav but then my EDM baby kabuki is also very good. I think you may need HELP! HA! HA!
  8. I tried it and it didn't work as well for me as Signature. Maybe it will for you.... anyway good luck with everything you try. Keep us posted.
  9. Yea CherryBunny!!! I'm so glad you received your minerals. I also use signature and just love it. As far as I know the difference between the 3 light and 4 light are the undertones. Just keep playing with it for awhile you'll find a good match. The concealer helps cover my red marks and the dark circles under my eyes. I use it before I apply my foundation and again after if I need to. I love the finishing veil it really helps control my oil problem. I love the buki brush!! Is that the one you
  10. I love Signature's Adobe Sunset (matte finish) and Desert Rose(semi-matte). Apparently alot of people like the adobe sunset it's out of stock until dec. 21st.
  11. I totally agree with you. It makes my eyelashes look great. I love it!
  12. You need to call them. I order all the time from them and it never takes as long as it says on their site. I've called them a couple of times and their very nice and will go out of their way to help you. The phone number is 1-866-851-9610.
  13. Hi CherryBunny! I so happy your trying Signature Minerals I just love it!! The coverage is wonderful and so are the foundation colors. The buki is my favorite brush its sooo soft against my skin. I have a feeling you are gonna love it too.