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  1. So, after 1,5 year of battling acne it finally seems to be over.. But now, as was my biggest fear, I'm left with scars. This is completely killing my health, motivation and ability to so anything. I barely have the energy to even make this post but it's a desperate move to hopefully get some last glimster of hope.. If you could offer feedback and tell me what sort of acne scars these are and how permanent they are.
  2. It's the sun that has caused these pigments though.. They should probably disappear once my tan goes, right? At least the brown ones?
  3. I've finally got rid of most of my active acne but now there are the leftover marks.. Those were red in the beginning but then over one night a couple of them turned white and some got this weird brown colour. Could anyone explain exactly what this means?
  4. It's a 2 month gap between these pictures. As you can see the marks are remains from the acne I used to have. Will it fully recover or will it always be noticeable like it is now?
  5. I finally found the cause of my acne and now I only get a couple of pimples here and there as you can see; those do not worry me at all. The problem is the red marks/scars that remains.. 1) is there any indented scar? In certain lights it seems that way, in other lights it doesn't. 2) are these marks hyperpigmentation and will they go away on their own? If so, how long would it take by the looks of it? im 17 and my parents won't let me see a dermatologist since they are 100% sure that th
  6. Thank you! Another thing, when I smoke ciggarettes, my marks appear much redder and worse than if I haven't smoked in like 2 days, is it irritation or am I like allergic? I have a pretty stressful life right now and would like to not give up smoking as of right now, only smoke a couple each day, used to smoke half a pack a day, and when I did that my acne was at its worst, it's also when I got my acne, I have never had it before I smoked.. I'm willing to give it up if it's the cause of my acne
  7. Does it look like its improving or am I just seeing what I wanna see? Do these indents look permanent and will they be noticeable once the red goes away?
  8. I accidently uploaded double photos somehow, but the one at the bottom is about a month ago and judging by then and now, would you believe that when the healing is 100% done that i will have no scarring?
  9. As you can see, there are just slight slight pits in certain lights, I can't even see it myself in the mirror, just if I photograph it very closely upfront with my phone. I had very mild acne as well but used things like Basiron and might have been sensitive to it, that's what caused my red marks.. But you do believe that my skin will recover to the way it looked before? The small pits has come now recently along with the marks getting smaller and less red, it feels like it's a part of the heali
  10. This is how it looks like as of right now.. Is there a good chance that this heals without any permanent scars indents or marks?
  11. Does it actually seem like scar pits or might they go away along with the red marks once it's healed? Or at least become unnoticable
  12. Is that so? I thought these were red marks
  13. Judging by these new pictures would you say that it's only red marks or permanent scars as well?