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  1. Still 100% clear most of the time. Left with some nasty scars but as far as active acne, no more. I have been able to live my life pretty great, going out a lot, got a wonderful girlfriend now, etc.. Hoping in a year or 2, I'll have enough $$ to get some serious scar treatments done, but for now I have been doing great. Haven't had any long term side effects. Not sensitive to the sun or anything. Just thought I'd let everyone know, since I havent been here in over a year and a half.. Take care!
  2. well, jus so everyone knows, just about 1 year ago ,(wow time flies) i was in the navy and was prescribed accutane after almost 10 years of suffering.. by the time i was prescribed, it had gotten so bad that it spread to my back, and very very cystic. (i cant even begin to explain how bad it was). anyways, since finishing my course in april earlier this year(roughly)i have been 99.8% clear. Reason it is not 100%is because i believe now i get the regular pimples that people with perfect skin ge
  3. i am about 3 months post tane and notice teh same thing , i think its slowwwwly getting better
  4. Well, i feel like the heavy one here, i weigh about 180, and was on 80mg/day for exactly 5 months. i have since then (i believe it was 2 months ago) that i stopped breakin out, and continuing to see awesome improvements in my skin tone. i got some scarring, which i've heard not to do until 6 months after your course, but honestly, not havin one major breakout in 2 months its unbelievable, it has changed my life.. for sure. so, if it really bothers you that much, i say go for it, but make sure yo
  5. lol, i had to sign in to reply to this message cauz i saw it last night and am suprised noone replied.. anyways, i used it throughout my entire course. i take about 2 1/2 scoops.. i used it about 3 times a week, sometimes a little less...im about a month a half post-tane, and it didn't effect me at all.. thats just from my personal experience.
  6. when i went to my derm, there was another derm there that saw my buddy. (we did our appts on the same day). anyways, his derm told him that he USED aquaphor on his face when he was on it.. i've never done it but i don't think it would hurt.. i used it for my nostrils still (1+ month post-tane and still dry nasal )
  7. i had a buddy that used it for his face, and when he told me i couldnt believe it.. i introduced it to him as a chapstick, but he definitely said it worked well for his face
  8. my derm told me to avoid creatine.. basically it contains lots of vitamin A and basically you would be puttin too much of that into your system.. i stayed away from it my entire course, and just took no explode & protein shakes
  9. im experiencin the same thing.. about 3 weeks post tane i think
  10. he said ".if I do a fast let's say a couple months post-tane just to try it out blah blah blah, would I possibly being setting myself back????" POST TANE. not during tane.
  11. someone told me gettin my ears piercedw asnt a problem, as they did it themselves.. i dont think its a problem, look it up in the boards! its here somewhere
  12. simple: keep the chapstick on u all the time and moisturize ur lips constantly. if u need to do it before you kiss, tell her. if shes shallow about it then you shouldnt be dating her inthe first place.. luckily my girlfriend took the tane ride with me as i went on it, and she was very understandin
  13. its not permanent for me. im 3 weeks off, and havent had a single rash breakout on my arms.. adn i've had those quite a bit during my course. i used to get them immediately after teh shower... theyhurt