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  1. so today is my 8th day on accutane and I'm really looking for some helpful advice/tips !! what is a good moisturizer for my face? And when would be the best time to apply it just because I've rarely moisturize my face before also what is a good lip balm? I currently use aquaphor but I would like a few more options. any other useful advice would be greatly appreciated thanks !
  2. Alyssa768

    Tomorrow is the big Day

    Hi! So I wanted to know since this is your second time on accutane I'm sure your familiar with the whole process, how long til my face starts clearing up? And what is a good moisturizer to buy? Also did you ever feel depressed like people say can happen?? sorry for all the qquestions I'm just a nervous person lol thanks!!
  3. Alyssa768

    Tomorrow is the big Day

    So tomorrow I go in to dermo to actually start accutane. Crazy after this whole month I still haven't decided whether or not I'm 100% sure I want to take it. I think I most likely will but I hate the feeling of not being positive this is the best decision for me. But im so sick of hiding mt face i just want to wake up one day and look in the mirrow and not have to dread finding a new pimple. More dark spots and scars i hate it!Can anyone give me their experiences with accutane and side effects t
  4. Alyssa768


    Thanks alot you actually did help! Tomoro is my appointment for my dermo and I'm suppose to start accuatne ! I'm so nervous scared and excited at the same time. I have no idea what my decision is yet honestly. I've been reading tons of reviews about it and I keep changing my mind. I want clear skin so bad but I don't want to become depressed or anything like that, but to be honest I am already depressed with scars on my face so what do I have to lose right? And wow your still young 15 is the nor
  5. Alyssa768


    So I'm 18 years old. I'm a girl, ive always had normal skin just a few pimples here amd there, but for some reason I started breaking out bad within the last year. I'm getting dark spots and scars on my face from it. It's not horrible but I feel embarrassed to go out in public without foundation. I never felt thay way before. I went to a dermo and they reccomended accutane to prevent further scarring, like anyone else I've been doing tons of research and I am really scared to try it? I would re