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  1. Started taking lactoferrin 2 days ago with probioticts. It was suppose to reduce imflammation on my acne but it just made it worse, what the [email protected]@k. Any body out there had this experience? Does it get better or just keeps breaking u out?
  2. Have u tried retinol 2.5 and vitamin D. Vitamin D reduces sebum and retinol 2.5 uncloggeds pores and reduces keratin. which makes skin cells stick and block pores.
  3. Magnesium works well with zinc and vitamin d. Also calms your nerves which is good for your acne.
  4. did you try an enzyme supplement like assertive wellness with the vitamins. Might help out. If you try a different enzyme supplement make sure it has good ratings.
  5. Try an enzyme supplement, maybe your lacking protein enzymes. A good quality enzyme supplement like assertive wellness, with the vitamins. Good chance it might eliminate allergy.
  6. Number 1 product for any kind of acne

    Leaves complexion much smoother and more breathable. Since i started using it, Its been clearing my acne nice and slowly. Most body acne is gone. Started 2 weeks ago. It's my last step in my acne regimen. Start with the lerosette clay mask. Then while am in the shower i use safflower oil with clove oil, replaces benzoil peraxide. I use a cleanser that has jojoba and macadamia oil. Finish it of with Glycolic acid.
  7. Try 1/4 a tablespoon of clove oil. Mix it with safflower oil 1 tbs. Apply to your face and leave it until sting sensation is over. Then use a cleanser like the one from acne.org.
  8. Lore 91 and Frustrated 1985 It takes more than being positive. There's a book called Panic Miracle, helps conquer your phobias and deal with stress. Look it up online. Helped me with my social phobia. Before I read that book, I was stuck to my room 24/7. Didn't want to go outside, always feared people judging me and criticising me. When you have similar disorders like my phobia, your adrenals are always working. Which means sooner or later you become adrenal insuffient. That is was causing f
  9. Give it a shot. I have suffered with acne for 13 years. Mostly just moderate acne, get like 2 cyst a week. Ever since i started using vitamin D (11 days ago) my skin feels less oily and more comfortable. Been reading the post, say its just as effective as accutane if not better.
  10. Ever heard of Panic Miracle book. Check it out, will make life easier. Teaches u to cope with anxiety and the panic attacks that your getting and ultimately conquer them. Its gona be the best $60 bucks you ever spent. Was for me anyways. Good Luck
  11. You tried vitamin D at 4000 iu with vitamin A 4000 iu. Might help, reduced oil on my face by 2/3.
  12. Try vitamin D3 take 2000 iu a day. With vitamin b5 1000mg a day. See if that helps. Been trying it for the last 4 days and it has reduced the oil that comes out by half. Acne is not as inflammed as it used to be. Didn't know it was a vitamin D deficiency.
  13. Had very good success with safflower oil and clove oil. I put 1 tablespoon of safflower with 1/4 tbs of clove oil mix them together. Finish it of with a cleanser called Heliabrine (cleansing milk) has jojoba and macadamia oils. Leaves my skin just right not too oily or dry. Leave safflower oil and clove oil on for 5 minutes.