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    stenciling. writing. music.
  1. noway. after a long time of being anxious i have finally realised that i have a lot of qualities that are hard to come by.. my skin was always my biggest pitfall, but i don't expect perfection.
  2. just to add something: the cream kinda stings a little, but has helped with my accutane redness.
  3. i weigh 150 lbs so i will try and stick with it another week or so..
  4. I usually drink quite a bit but since I am on accutane, I have had to pretty much quit. Alcohol is a depressant, and has really affected my mood.
  5. aquaphor is my jam and blistex medicated balm helps when i am out on the go..
  6. I think 80mgs is too much. I have what would be considered tane burn.. and an odd rash on my hands. i am thinking about stopping.
  7. i just found out my transfer is for real! i am moving in 6 months! i am soo happy! in other news, i have windburn or something. my whole face feels like one big chapped lip. sooo sexy.
  8. I'd wait. Within 5 days of my course, I couldn't wear makeup anymore.
  9. I don't have the means or persons to get lotion onto my back, which is sooo dry and cracked now. what can i do to keep it from hurting so much?
  10. get out of shittsburgh. heh. if you wanna live in the south, go to charleston, sc. more women than men by quite a high ratio!
  11. So this is my second time taking accutane. I took it when I was 15 or 16 and stopped after 3 months because I didn't have insurance anymore. I am now 23 and have noticed that my skin has gotten worse as I get older. I get painful cysts and nodules that don't go away. My skin is super pale, so the red marks and scars really stand out. I am moving and going back to college in the summer, so I decided to give accutane another shot. I've already completed 2 months of treatment- 60mg a day. My derm
  12. stop obsessing about it so much. drink once or twice a week to enjoy yourself- don't overdo it. and DON'T DRINK RIGHT BEFORE THE BLOOD TESTS (at least 24-28 hours before) Not eating so much red meat will help the blood levels a lot.
  13. are you insane? it takes at least 10 hours for food to travel through your intestines.
  14. you should probably stop using proactiv. its going to make things worse.