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  1. I don't often post but I have to say I have been trying this for a week and think it's amazing my skin looks so much better and so quickly. I went out Friday night and got really drunk lol, alcohol usually makes my skin flare up bad but I only got one small spot! I have suffered IB! My GF is in hospital at the moment and I've been visiting her alot. I thought I picked something up from the that place but after reading these posts it all makes sense lol. I've only been drinking one tea spoon in
  2. Im 21 and only get it on my jawline to I never get it that bad but in the last week Ive had 3-4 small spots and 2 big ones its driving me nuts!
  3. Hello, I dont by any means have bad acne but my skin does flare up, I can go usually 3 or so weeks with really good clear skin then I get 6 or 7 medium to small spots in one week and it makes my face look sh*t! I only get them on my jaw line and lower cheek and usually only on one side of the face. I only use a cleanser foam from boots. I don't know if this has anything to do with sleeping, diet ect but it's driving me mad! Im 21 and the funny thing is tis has ony been happening for the last co
  4. I find myself doing this and then the next morning wake up and look 10 times worse and think to myself brilliant well done you complete si
  5. i only get spots after a night out if i go for a month without drink i go pretty clear but who wants to give it up lol!!!
  6. I've been using the dip technique and have found red marks heal much quicker but i get alot more whiteheads so really the process is pointless, I dont use any products just hot water, I would say my skin is oily but my friends have similar skin to me but are clear guess were the unlucky ones. Plus do you think acne looks much worse to yourself than other people as no one has commented on mine
  7. I think your dad is pulling your leg the two topics aren't related
  8. i suffer from mild acne and get small whit heads. The only trouble is i dont know wether to pop them or leave them, I have recently popped them but found i get red marks which seem to stay for ages if you leave a spot does it go? or is it better to get the gunk out?
  9. Does anyone here find sauna and steam rooms help? For the last week i've been and sat in the sauna for about 20-25 mins each day and noticed that the big spots i get which you can feel build up under your skin have gone. Just wondered if anyone else has tried this it seems to be doing ok for me. Its just the red marks from previous spots that i need to get rid of now.
  10. Im 19 nearly 20 and suffer from mild acne, I usually get about 3 spots a week this isn't really a problem. The trouble is the marks which are left when the spots have gone, I generally only seem to get spots on the side of my face and it now looks like i have shaving rash all the time. Im okay in the evenings as its difficult to see but in day light it doesn't look very good. Im so near to ridding acne yet this plays on my mind everyday if anyone has managed to rid themselves of this let me know
  11. high sugar as in sweets and fizzy drinks you dont have to give it up just cut it down try to have fruit and veg with every meal
  12. I just want to thank whoever put the hot water tip on here it has completely cleared my skin!! I was using clearasil products and my skin still looked terrible, i came on here and read a tip about filling the sink with hot water and placing your head in for a minute, I do this twice a day morning and evening and i have found that this really prevents spots and helps the marks left by spots heal much quicker. At first my skin was dry but it has now got used to the process, I have also been going
  13. I suffer from mild acne and although i dont think its generally that bad, like i everyone i do have flare ups. I have found that a great way to clear it up is to have a 2 day detox which involved 2 days of eating grapes and drinking gallons of water! This flushes the toxins from the body and i personally found that for the next week no spots appeared. The only downside is that grapes dont fill you up and that you have to go to the toilet every five minutes from all that water!!! But i do think t