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  1. one more thing where can i find this Fruit of the Earth?
  2. Awesome...that was actually going to be my next question (about aloe vera) thanks a ton..i really appreciate it
  3. Good information thank you and that does make sense an interesting thing I left out, i ran out of BP about 2 weeks ago and am still waiting for the replacement to reach me...so I've been using everything but the BP and my face is oilier than usual so that would make sense why..because the cetaphil is heavier
  4. Hello.. so i've been on the regimen for ever a year and it's done WONDERS for me. However there has always been a slighty problem....my face is constanlty oily and shiny and it's really bothering me. Not only that..but to me it has a strange smell to it...but that could just be my mind playing tricks on me. This has been a problem for a long time, i just ignored it because i was happy that the acne was dissapearing. I want to get rid of this, i don't even want to have to worry about it..any s
  5. alrigh so I am going along with Dan's regimen...my face as expected is still breaking out, but now my forehead is getting rediculous, just the right sied of my forhead...i have about 5 huge pimples, not sure what they are but they are dfinetly worse than your average whitehead, it feels as if it's something hard under my skin and the redness around them is huge, and some don't have a head...what in the world is this and wht could of caused this? I do wear a hat a lot annd this breakout is abou
  6. alright guys my acne has gotten back to a manageable stage...but now it's really oily..i guess it's always been pretty oily to being with, but it's driving me nuts... what do you recommend I do to stop the oil production?
  7. alright first try on the head and shoulders started today, it actually smells really nice, hopefully it works. and I can already tell my face is trying to recover from all the picking, the human body is a strange thing
  8. I think you will see some improvement when you stop picking, since you admit your picking makes it worse (I had the same problem). I really like www.stoppickingonme.com cuz it goes into how picking damages your skin & after reading it you have even more inspiration to stop. Not picking my skin & DKR have gotten rid of all my huge zits. What I have left now is smaller & clearing (& red marks, grrrr) If your face feels oily between washes then blot it. Plain face tissue works gr
  9. well my parents have done really all they can do, took me to a dermatologist a few months back...nothing worked and the pills that gave me made me really naucious
  10. I think i will, i already have cetaphil, and some BP (but in oxy form 10% that i gotta get rid of), and I'm gonna finish off my cleansers that I have right now before I use dans cleanser
  11. Ha, a small win but I didn't pick at my face last night...yay And I'm gonna try that Head and Shoulders for my back...hopefully it works! Now I just want to know how to get those effin little tiny blackheads off my nose
  12. gosh I have spent YEARS dealing with this stupid acne problem (I'm now 20 years old) and don't really have people to talk to about it. My sister has the same problem but hers is clearing up nicely (she is 23), but both my parents still deal with adult acne and can't get rid of it. But i don't really want to talk to my parents about my acne problem. I remember the days when I was a little kid when my face was so soomth and the skin tone was one even color. I never dreamed my face would be lik