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  1. Acne washes have always made my skin worse. Wash with something that does not strip your skin. For BHA, get Paula's Choice BHA liquid 2% (sample is $8 plus free shipping and lasts a month). Apply thinly at night. It makes skin shiny but its gone in the morning. Its a great product. Simple cleansers have always been best for me and I have found that people in recovery tend to agree. Witch Hazel is also good.
  2. I do have another tip for you. Try applying your differin gel and wait an hour before applying your moisturizer. Even just 30 minutes helps.
  3. Hoping for some responses. Sigh. I forgot to note that I was only taking 25 mg's. It totally cleared my skin and my boobs became almost a cup size bigger. I went from a "C" to a small "D". That tells me that even 25 mg's did impact my hormones.
  4. It would not hurt to go natural first. I am sad by medication and its side effects. After taking spironolactone (ruined my life), I know that a pill is probably the most effective thing. I know meds can wreck bodies. The ladies at the makeupalley website on the skin board are pros. It is hard to get good answers so be very specific. I took spironolactone for PCOS. If it were not for my hair I would say it is the best medication I have ever taken. Bigger boobs and clear skin! Now wigs? Know that
  5. I have never judged a man for his skin. Being attractive does not mean perfection. My boyfriend has nice skin and he is very handsome. He does not think so. I do not think I am attractive. There is someone for everyone. The way I see him in his perfection I wish he knew. Find someone that see's you in your perfection. Nobody is perfect but I can tell you one thing.....you deserve and will have love. He knows I might lose all of my hair and he has been so supportive. There is not one day that goe
  6. I am a fan of it, but I must follow with witch hazel because I do not think it gets my skin super clean. It helped me out a lot.
  7. I took it for 1.5 years and lost most of my hair. You are someone that has the side effect and I would strongly consider stopping it.
  8. How long did you take it and how long ago did you stop it?
  9. I do not break out. I have blackheads. Ugh. Spironolactone is the ONLY thing that has ever helped them. It took 8+ months for them to get better and they slowly got better over time. One day i realized how clear my pores were! Sadly, I cannot take spiro. Stick with it and give it time.
  10. I was only on 25 mg's, but it took about 8 months to notice a difference in my skin. It made my skin glow and totally clear. Clean pores. It takes a while.
  11. Stop taking it now! I took it for 1.5 years and I have lost about 70% of my hair. Doctor said it was stress and it might be stress related. I recently stopped taking it. I have no clue if I will recover. True, some people's hair sheds right away and their bodies adjust, but some people lost a ton of hair. Is it worth the risk? For myself, definitely not. You will have to decide for yourself.
  12. 1.5 years I started spiro and also had a traumatic event at the same time. 3 months later half of my hair fell out. I shed for 8 months. It stopped and less 5% of my hair started coming back. A few months ago I went through another shed, but this time you can see my scalp. I am 33 and female. I stopped spiro 3-4 weeks ago. Shedding has gone down. Of course, my clear skin is not looking as good, but my skin is not horrible. If you lost hair on spiro, how long did it take after stoppi