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  1. Put some ice on it for a few minutes and take some ibuprofin (like Advil) to reduce the swelling. It's happened to me more times than I'd like, and it sucks, but ice and Advil seem to take the edge off.
  2. This is exactly what I get. They're red bumps that sometimes can be a little white but really don't have a head, and they never really pop. I have one right now on my cheek, just sitting there taunting me. What are these??
  3. Years ago, Maybelline and Cover Girl were notorious for their terrible, orange foundations. I thought that had changed, but maybe not. I agree that Revlon has better shades; the last time I looked, L'oreal had pretty good looking colors too.
  4. I kind of figured it would be too good to be true. And it is expensive compared to drug store papers, so I guess I'll save my money. Thanks for the honest reply.
  5. My mom never had any skin issues until she tried Bare Minerals (her skin was never too dry, never too oily, never had acne). She loved the stuff for a couple weeks, but then her skin got all dry and itchy and red, yet at the same time, the Bare Minerals began to make her skin look progressively more and more shiny. It took months for her skin to heal and get back to normal. I inherited my dad's oily, acne-prone skin...
  6. I thought in some countries you need a prescription to get BP. Is that true in the UK? If so, maybe that's the reason for the different Proactiv.
  7. I'd put some antibiotic (like Neosporin) on it for a few days.
  8. How did you know that my cat tries to sleep on my face?? But seriously, thanks for the advice you guys. I was busy all day and couldn't do anything about this zit, but now that I'm home, I took some Advil (I'm not on Accutane), and I'll try putting some ice on it. I hope the swelling goes down a little. Hydrocortisone cream sounds logical too, but I don't have any on hand--I'll have to get some tomorrow. It's so weird--the actual zit is not really that big or red, but somehow it's made m
  9. A couple days ago, I started getting a zit about a quarter inch under my lower lip. It didn't seem to be getting any bigger, and I was very strict about leaving it alone (in the past, picking and trying to pop zits by my lips usually ended with swollen lips and the zits still there). All was fine until this morning. It seems that this zit has grown inwards--I can feel the bump inside my mouth with my tongue--and my lip is all swollen. And it hurts--the zit hurts, and my swollen lip hurts. T
  10. I wouldn't risk it either, being so close to your eye! I'm a "picker", but I leave all things by the eyes alone. Hopefully your doctor can do something more permanent for it.
  11. I am so right there with you! I swear I can actually watch the oil coming out of my pores. I have no great ideas on how to stop it, but I wanted you to know you are not the only one. For me, not only is the visual shine gross and annoying, but I always have this feeling that my face is dirty. That wonderful, fresh, clean feeling lasts about 10 minutes for me, then I want to wash my face again. Supposidly when we're 80 we'll have beautiful, supple skin with no wrinkles.
  12. Honestly, I haven't used foundation of any kind since my wedding 4 years ago. But during a recent, really bad breakout, I thought maybe a good foundation would work just as well as using my cover up stick on my entire chin and jawline. And the clarifying stuff sparked my interest--supposidly it's got salicylic acid or something in it (hence the clarifying aspect, I guess)--so I thought it may not make a breakout worse as I use it to hide the breakout. We'll see... Sorry I can't help you with
  13. I've used many Glosswears and recently bought and used Superbalm...I've never had breakouts from either product. I love both products, by the way...