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    partyin with my girls, paintball, wakeboardin, shoppin, and pretty much anything new or extreme... i looove a good adrenaline rush ;)
  1. i use physicians formula talc-free loose mineral powder. its amazing. hope that helps some. haha, even though i guess i was some what off topic <3
  2. [personally, i have usd the lil blue oil blotting sheet and they are crap] they only changed color when they touched oil. if you think about it... they're so thin how COULD they possibly soak up oil. as for the powder i use... ill go look and let cha know yup... physicians formula talc-free loose mineral powder
  3. first of all... a brazilian waxing is not, i repeat, NOT a waxing of EVERYTHING. merely the sides, as if you were going to wear a bikini. :/ ew. i mean still... who would go to have that done. anyways, i have seen a girl that had a spray tan and it looked HORRIBLE!! seriously, wait till you see someone that has had it done from the place that you're gonna try. cause the girl i saw was streaked to high heaven.
  4. wellllll, translucent powders of any kind would help some but who knows for how long. :/ make-up wise... i use physicians formula powder. its a bit pricey compaired to other make-up products but it'll only run you about 10-12 bucks. :/ is that of any help?? i hope so. cause i feel sooo bad for guys bc they dont really wear make-up. but more power to ya if you're gonna try it!! i dont think there's anything wrong w/ guys wearing make-up. its not fair that we get to hide things that we dont lik
  5. do what i said and talk to her... if it still comes up then just get up and go to your room and dont say a word to your family till someone apologizes. youre not the bad guy in this situation so dont become one by cursing your family out at thanksgiving dinner. if they say something let THEM feel bad for it. but... chances are they dont think its a big deal and they dont realize its upseting you so. >> you need to listen to some music or something... thats my fav. especially when im str
  6. oh hush... dont make it a bigger deal than it is. darlin, just relax.
  7. friends are friends and just that. they're there for you because they care about you. looks dont matter when it comes to friends. if it does... then are they really a true friend to begin with?? <3 melly
  8. its a big enough deal when you make a post about it and if it has you cursing like a sailor. haha!! just dont worry about it. if it comes up at the table just say, yeah... and my face is getting better. and then change the subject ppl, will get the hint.
  9. im sorry. well, when do they go to bed? catch her when ya'll are alone. your mom loves you and would do anything to make you happy in life, im sure. so trust me with this one. just talk. or even write her a note. leave it on her purse or in her room. or just give it to her. she'll understand its imporatnce and the need to keep it quite
  10. you sure did. and thats what makes it worse. trust me. i have GAD. general anxiety disorder. the more you let something get to you the worse it'll be. like, i get so mad sometimes that i break things. thats no way to be an adult about it. so i try to control it. so, my advice is to go to your mom. tell her how you feel. dont just say. "dont tell anyone." tell her why and that it kills you when she does. and that if she wants you to be happy she'll understand. chances are... she will
  11. i hate it that you're so upset. but i dont think its that big of a deal darlin. i mean, why do you care what your family thinks?? they're family.
  12. thats awesome... i hope you're stoked. i start accutane in about 2 1/2 weeks from now. and i know EXACTLY how you feel about the whole make-up thing. ppl just dont know whats being covered up. my mom tells me my face is getting better and i tell her that im just getting better at covering it up. haha! but im excited for you. good luck and keep everyone posted!! MUAH! <3 melly