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  1. The bumps are fairly small... a couple of mm i would guess. They don't hurt, just itch a little sometimes, had them for a few days.
  2. I have a couple of hard red bumps on my forehead with no "head". Does anyone know what these are? what 's the best thing to do when you have these? They're so annoying
  3. You're right that popping pimples does make them worse alot of the time, so you should try not to. I have to admit though that I'm guilty of this aswell -it's so hard when they look like they're just begging to be popped. As far as I know pus is actually good because it's white blood cells which is fighting off the bacteria in your skin.
  4. If you're allergic then you shouldn't use it. There are lots of other treatments for acne you could try.. like Salycilic acid. If you're not sure then you can go to your doctor and ask what would be best for you. Good luck!
  5. this sounds absolutely rediculous.. soaking your face in water for 20 mins - an hour, I don't see anyway that this could get rid of any acne, plus it would probably make your face all wrinkly
  6. ok I tried it. All I did was get a little bit of oatmeal mix it with warm water and mushed it up a little then rubbed it on my face. It was nice and soft but I think it did the job quite well makes your skin feel quite soft too.
  7. Has anyone used oatmeal to exfoliate their skin before? I've heard of it before and I'm thinking of doing it, apparently it has healing properties and is a good natural exfoliator. How do you use it?
  8. haha awesome! that's great you found something that works for you
  9. I used to clearasil pads for about a month, they're 2% SA and they were quite drying, I just used one a day. I think it helped clear me up but it's proably best to use only if you have oily skin and mild acne. Not good for sensitive skin either.
  10. Just wondering if everyone here puts sunscreen on their face every day. Personally I think it's a good idea but I usually only do it in the summer as I don't really like the feeling of it.
  11. I've been using Neutrogena cream cleanser with salycilic acid for the past couple of weeks but it's drying my skin out alot and making it kind of red. I was just wondering if anyone had used this product and what they thought of it? This is supposed to be a gentle cleanser so I don't know why my skin is becoming irritated by it. Do you think I should stop using it?
  12. Thankyou, I think I'm going to try meditating.
  13. If you want a simple regimen I would say just use a good cleanser twice a day, and moisturise the parts of your face which feel dry.
  14. Has anyone had any success with Tea Tree Oil? If so how did you use it... how many times a day etc.