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  1. oh shite I'm 5 months late

    you should post here again, you cant tell me your AIDS FACE has completely subsided :(

  2. no shit! welcome to the club at last.

  3. get back on here, you wanker

  4. oh and I was wrong..ISIS fucking owns

  5. what it comes down to - is what else could you see yourself doing. and be happy doing. your dreams and asspirations might seem far fetched, but if you weren't to follow them.. could you ever silence that niggling 'what if' at the back of your head.
  6. all of this heavy stuff weighing on your mind And having to deal with the grieving process of recently being orphaned
  7. i really like your new avatar, it evokes a certain industrial feeling in me that i can't quite explain, this coming from someone who likes to walk on train tracks in remote areas of country side and to be in abandonned factories and wotnot..i'll reply in the log forum later when i have a minutex

  8. your back! fantastic, i was wondering where the hell you'd got to..

  9. thanks friend I am not gay