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  1. Nope, sorry never heard of it. You should try Neutrogena's Facial Cleanser/Mask that has benzoyl peroxide in it! It works beautifully trust me, and it soaks up excess oil!!! Actually, I try Neutrogena face wash with BP in it as well. It does really well clear your pores and also aid in the fight against bacteria. So it is a good product luckily.
  2. Then why do you imply that they support your point that bacteria can develop a resistance to BP when they in fact showed the exact opposite? Quote where i ever said that. Ahem. No, they proved that BP does not cause bacterial resistance, which is what i've been saying all along. Of course BP alone is not enough to cure acne, because there is more to acne than bacteria. Abnormal desquamation and keratinization being something that BP can't effect (although topical retinoids can
  3. my point in this discussion was to highlight the percentages What was revealed was that only 64 to 75% using BP only improved. While those that used Erythromycin and BP together had a very high improvement rate around 94 to 96%. Now BP is a toxin that kills all bacteria. That I understand and you are right, Bacteria can not develop resistance to a toxin(duh). However using 100% BP is insane because that is way too damaging so companies put out products like Pro-activ that use around 3-5% BP.
  4. Easy on Neutrogena. I take Neutrogena Clear wash with a combination of other treatments. don't rely just on one product unless it is a product that uses a combination of therapies in itself. Neutrogena either uses BP or SA. try to combine it with other treatments like I use, the Refining mask, it does wonders.
  5. Try to explore more products. I am not going to advertise any products so it is up to you. My opinion based on some studies is that Pro-activ is not going to be an effective treatment for severe acne unless you combine it with other treatments I.E. anti-biotic or sulfer treatment.
  6. No, I don't think Pro-Activ are evil in that sense. All roads towards evil are led by good intentions. And this is just another example. Attention to detail or too little attention to detail is really what Pro-activ is really at fault for. There are many products now that are much more effective(Duac) than they are because they use a combination type therapy that uses other chemicals besides BP. BP is not exactly the safest chemical in the world and can cause redness. etc(cancer in mice). The
  7. That is really insensitve man. Don't say garbage like that. Pro-activ should be more responsible with what they do with the livelyhood and the welfare of taking care of the complexion of beauty. If Pro-Activ does not know how to take care of acne, they should not advertise its products make millions, make a slight inroad into the recovery of acne then for the rest of the human populace let them suffer without having any answers. Keith
  8. This is ridiculous product. It said that you can spread bacteria by washing your hand to your face. As though you are going to get acne by washing your face. Don't listen to that nonsense.
  9. I used to try Pro-Activ. When I had more moderate acne it worked. for people with more severe oil control problems, it isn't the best thing. Because as i became older, Pro-Activ did not work and once again I had problems in my life again. Now, the Only BP product is the 2.5%BP Neutrogena Clear Wash. it is nice. it cleans your pores well. And it is gentle on your skin. Also I use the sulfer refining mask at a small, small amount. And I also, use an anti-biotic. So far no problems. I also refrid
  10. Dear Been there done that, You don't need to lecture me on about the studies. I understood them well. Merely, I am showing you a guideline that Benzoyl Peroxide is not the Miracle drug that you think it may appear it to be. You did not have an anwer about the percentage differences of success with two different studies. you actually ignored it. what was your point in that? As well, I am aware that BP with combination of erythromycin or Clindamycin have a synergistic like relationship. And some
  11. This strength is only about two percent Salicylic acid. My guess is that you need either a higher strength or more combinations. I Sometimes use Salicylic acid at 2% with a multitude of other chemicals. However, that is not the only thing I use. If BP works out better for your skin do so. However, I am much more cautious about it since I have heard about it's level of toxicity when put on mice. Obviously the level of BP was much higher than 5% or 3% but still it raises a valid question about the
  12. Dear Been there done that, If you read carefully at the percentages, The number of peoplel that did well on Benzoyl Peroxide alone was around 64% to 76% while The people on Combination therapy was at a much higher percentage around 94 to 96%. The evidence clearly means that it is safer to use a combination therapy though Benzoyl Peroxide is strong enough to overcome most Bacteria, It may not overcome all, which might read into the 64%-74% success rate with BP alone. What lies in the di
  13. Lol, when I didn't have an Anti-biotic, I used to boil water then I used a clean towel and massaged the hot water on my face. I advise that many people not do this, since it is very hot. At that time, I had no medication. However Bacteria usually can not survive 212F plus Heat so I was sure that My skin would be okay. Plus I used a refining mask as well Lol.
  14. Here is a another link Do you guys ever read this stuff? Comparison on Combination vs. single topical aproach. Here is another link Percentages of sucess with comparison of combination therapy vs. Single topical therapy Results: The best response rates were seen with two of the topical regimens (erythromycin plus benzoyl peroxide administered separately o.d. or in a combined proprietary formulation b.d.), compared with benzoyl peroxide alone, oxytetracycline (500 mg b.d.) and minocycline (10
  15. here a great article about using combination therapy. Once again this is based on Scienfic documentation. Bacterial Resistance Benzoyl Peroxide is very effective in bacterial resistance overall. However In severe acne cases, Bacteria can thrive and will thrive under only treatment BP. In one study, In a combination therapy of BP and Erythromycin the success rate was like 94% The Success rate for the Benzoil Peroxide itself was only around 74%. My point is that though BP is still very effe
  16. Here are some links about the Strength of using a coctail, which Pro-Activ Does not do. med journal Here's another interesting research. http://www.hta.nhsweb.nhs.uk/execsumm/summ901.htm link: important The best response rates were seen with two of the topical regimens (erythromycin plus benzoyl peroxide administered separately o.d. or in a combined proprietary formulation b.d.), compared with benzoyl peroxide alone, oxytetracycline (500 mg b.d.) and minocycline (100 mg o.d.), although treat
  17. Another study Department of Dermatology, Hotel Dieu, Nantes, France. [email protected] Topical antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide, are the two main topical antibacterial treatments indicated for mild-to-moderate acne vulgaris. Topical antibiotics act both as antibacterial agents suppressing Propionibacterium acnes in the sebaceous follicle and as anti-inflammatory agents. Benzoyl peroxide is a powerful antimicrobial agent that rapidly destroys both bacterial organisms and yeasts. Topical
  18. Another Link: Another study of Benzoyl Peroxide and erythromycin Topical formulations of erythromycin and benzoyl peroxide are popular and effective treatments for mild to moderate acne vulgaris. Use of the former is associated with resistance gain in both skin propionibacteria and coagulase-negative staphylococci, whereas use of the latter is not. We evaluated the efficacy of a combination of erythromycin and benzoyl peroxide against a total of 40 erythromycin-sensitive and -resistant strains
  19. Bacteria do not develop a resistance to BP - it's not an antibiotic. It works by increasing oxygenation in the pore beyond levels that anaerobic bacteria like P. acnes can tolerate. It is an anti-biotic. In principle it releases oxygen killing off the anerobic Bacteria that thrive on non-oxygen environment. however, it is possible for the bacteria to develop resistance and studies like I will show later will prove my arguement. Link : Scientific study done Title Benzoyl Peroxide w
  20. Once, again People answers about acne confound me. I am not a scientist but I know why pro-activ does not work on a repeated basis. Because it is obvious from scientific studies that bateria is proven to have a genetic resistance to certain chemicals once it is applied. If Benzoyl Peroxide is the only ingredient, and some Bacteria that survive, it will reproduce to make new off-spring that can also survive the chemical Benzoyl Peroxide. Thus Creating more havoc. If You put 10% or Benzoyl Pero
  21. Just using Neutrogena Face scrub Morning and night. Sulphameth, Trimethoprim And the Refining mask from Pro-Active. And I have real bad acne.. And I don't need Acutane. A miracle.
  22. What-ever man Lol. I don't think Pro-Activ knows what they know what they are doing with Benzoil Peroxide as their main weapon against bacteria. Not a smart thing to do. I don't agree with Pro active's way of treating acne. They should promote a more multi-dimensional fight that will not only address the oil but to address the Bacteria that is very tough to fight. I agree. I go to a Dermatologist and take an Anti-biotic for my skin. It aids in my fight against the bacteria as wel
  23. that is what this poster said. i agree, the proactiv mask is wonderful. anyway, i highly doubt he works for proactiv because he didn't even spell it right. Lol, Actually I was aware I mispelled Pro-Activ. Maybe on purpose, maybe by mistake hmm. was I keeping you guys guessing? No, I don't work for them. Their products don't work, except for the refining mask. That thing works wonders for me. Keith Pro-Activ Solutions is a one-dimensional Product that won't help Acne
  24. I concur, the Refining mask is awesome. It changed my life. with the help of an Anti-biotic and benzoyl Peroxide.
  25. NO, I don't work for Pro-Active. As I said, Nothing from Pro-Active worked for me. only the Sulfer Treatment worked. However, if you put the too much cream on, it will smell. You have to put a tiny, tiny amount. Maybe like a few mililiters. As I mentioned. Benzoil Peroxide can easily be defended or warded off by Bacteria. Pro-active needs to use more ingredients to actually differentiate the chemicals to have a coctail like effect as I mentioned in the First Post. The more chemicals yo