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  1. i eat very healthy and ill take that into consideration. Thanks !
  2. im not going to base my life around a skin care regimen that keeps my acne at bay im sorry my 19 year old brother does jack to his face and it's crystal clear. I'm sure this is just my skin managing ad I've been abusing my face with harsh chemicals, exfoliate etc for the past years. poor acid mantle. its time to let my body heal by itself.. anywho, thanks ps, my skin tone is becoming more even and i only purge upon exfoliating, apart from that it's the dead skin i need removed and that's abou
  3. I need URGENT help. I've been on this water only regimen for 6 so weeks now and the dead skin cells are becoming an issue. without exfoliating, dead skin cells arise, and whenever i exfoliate with a washcloth REGARDLESS OF HOW GENTLE I AM I ALWAYS F**KING BREAK OUT. WTF.... i refuse to go back to using products. I need assistance. do help me, I have had enough of this turmoil i need to move on now. LITERALLY MY NOSE FEEL LIKE GRAVEL AND THANKS TO MY WASHCLOTH WHICH I USED 10 SO HOURS AGO I NO
  4. hi! do whiteheads always purge into pustules before subsequently going away? or do they go on their own without a purge of any form? currently doing the water only regimen and my oiliness has most definitely gone down whilst i still have mild acne on my forehead. three weeks in now. my diet is good, i drink plenty of water, etc etc.. god for weeks my face felt slightly irritated though now im quite sure it's drying down. Help? :^) x