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  1. how long does that usually last? Cause then this breakout has been going on for like a month now
  2. Alright hope mine at least works out like that thanks for the reply !
  3. So i started accutane at 40mg per day and actually noticed improvement almost right away. Did that for a month but then my acne kind of went back to normal mid month to near the end of the first month which was very discouraging. I went to the derm and he upped my doage to 80mg a day due to my weight etc. I didnt notice much side effects on 40mg a day besides dry lips. When i started taking 80mg my derm said that i should start to see improvement. I am seeing the complete opposite. My face/acne
  4. yeah i have been on a retinoid and antibiotics, but didn't stay on antibiotics for long cause i read about how bad they are for you. And my derm told me not to use any other product on my face while on accutane proobably cause it will cause more dryness. Accutane has helped a bit tho. It's mainly now the dark red marks on my cheeks that i dont know how to clear
  5. Appreciate all of the replies, i just feel like i have acne that is not cureable im afraid i take this harsh med. And it doesnt get clear. I have honestly never been able to find anyone by googling that has the same or even similar acne as me. Its so red and dark, bumpy, and i have huge pores its crazy.
  6. Hey i have been dealing with acne since i was about 14. It seems over time it just keeps getting worse and worse. I started taking accutane and have been on it for one month now. I am only scared because i have history of balding and i heard accutane can cause hair loss so i don't want my chances of hair loss to i crease due to the fact that it runs in the family. Anyways. I just want to upload picture of my acne right now and see if anyone out there at all has acne like mine and knows how to cu
  7. Hey sorry for the late reply but yes i have tried differin and clyndoxil gel. Alternating each night between those two and it did nothing after several months of using it except give me red and dry skin. No acne went away. Im about to try accutane im just worried about all the side effects. Anyways but yes thats how frustrated i am with it. Especially on the right side of my chin leading to my cheek the acne is bad there. My doc also gave me apprilon (oral meds) to try for a month and that did n
  8. Hey, new here. Begging for some help. Absolutely cannot take it anymore. I have been suffering from acne for years. All throughout high school and college. For years now i have tried everything possible to clear my acne, from going to a derm. And getting prescription to every over the counter product possible. I have had it. I cant look in the mirror without wanting to rip my face off. I have spent easily over $1000 on products/treatments and i am so depressed. I believe i have comdeonal acne be