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  1. In that case, maybe wash your face when you get home, and before bed, just a splash of cold water to rinse away the excessive oil. It's really not good to wash your face so many times a day. Determine if your skin is naturally that oily, or isit producing alot of oil because it's dehydrated. You should try washing twice a day and see if the oiliness tones down.
  2. You can try using an oil free moisturiser - which could help to mattify the skin. I personally wash my face in the morning when I wake, and only cleanse at 8 or 9pm at night. After cleansing at night, I make sure not to do activities that makes me sweaty before bedtime. Maybe try blotting with a clean piece of tissue if the oil is bothering you.
  3. You should see a dermatologist to determine if you have rosacea. It does look pretty red. If your skin gets red after showering, try not letting hot water touch your face. Wash and rinse your face with cool / or slightly warm water only and see if you have any improvements. Rosacea is chronic, and the condition flares and goes into remission at times. Which may explain why sometimes you have the redness and sometimes none.
  4. Use micellar water to remove your makeup, but use it in the right way. To reduce irritation, I pour some of the micellar water into a spray bottle. Spray entire face with some micellar and let it sort of melt through the makeup first. After that, use a cotton pad that is soaked with the micellar water and go over your skin gently. You should only require 2 cotton pads to get a clean face. Bioderma is the most gentle micellar water out there. Give it a try. It's really gentle and should not i
  5. If it's humid and warm (in a tropical country), i find that it tends to make acne worse. You sweat all day and your sweat can't evaporate, causing more oil to build on the skin. If it is cooling and humid, I think it does help with skin as the air is not drying your skin out.
  6. You're looking great! Amazing results in under 1.5 mths. Keep updating :)
  7. It takes time for your body to adjust to a diet change. Give it another month or so and see if the situation improves. Do the elimination route and introduce your supplements one at a time to find out which one is causing issues. Sometimes, the ingredients in your supplements may be the cause if you have a certain food allergy.
  8. If you read into the demodex theory, it's proven that rosaceans have way more demodex than normal people. Demodex feeds on our facial oils and dead skin and they also die in our pores. The theory is that when they die, people with rosacea react to a type of bacteria that is formed thus the redness and bumps. I avoid dairy as it contains hormones, and always makes my skin oilier when I consume it on a regular basis. Maybe the excess oil is a better breeding ground for the demodex mites. I rea
  9. Rosacea is quite different from acne. Rosacea skin is usually very sensitive and the 'pimples' are not really like acne pimples as they can occur due to sudden flareup overnight. Suggest you check with doctor if you really have rosacea or are you developing sensitive skin? I wouldn't use bp on my rosacea as it is very drying. But that's just me.
  10. Hi babe, let me just start with you're really beautiful! From the photos, it looks like you're having pigmentation after the acne is gone and not much of active breakouts. The pigmentation will fade with the right products. Many people's skin have recovered from much worse acne. Have faith and you will heal!
  11. When i drink milk or eat anything with cheese, I can certainly see that my skin becomes a lot more oily. It definitely does not do good for my skin. Have tried avoiding as much as possible and can gladly say its a great decision I've made.
  12. Meat and eggs have been touted as inflammatory food, which is why when some people suffering from acne cleaned up their diet and exclude inflammatory food, they see an improvement in their acne. Dairy and soy is also classified as inflammatory food so try to steer clear of those.
  13. You're cleansing way too much for a person with eczema! I doubt someone with oily skin can take that kind of cleansing. You have to try to cut down on that routine because that much cleansing is unnecessary, and you'll age five times faster compared to your peers.
  14. Red marks left after a pimple is hyper-pigmentation. It takes time to fade, sometimes months. The best way to stop them from forming is to prevent zits from forming in the first place, and if you can't help that, then make sure never to pick at your active zits as it creates a bigger wound and makes for the possibility of more redness. Sunscreen will help to fade the red marks. Apply diligently every day.