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  1. bellacat

    New type of acne...

    Open wound type burning cracking skin around the spot...any advice or sound familier. it's hard to cover with make up because the area is so flakey looking.
  2. bellacat

    Accutane suicide thoughts help

    Anyone's comments here are likely based on opinion and anacdote. Accutane effects everyone differently in a mental capacity as well as physical. It certainly does change the way the body functions on an internal level and that can definitely effect mood etc. I'm sorry to anyone who has suffered from side effects brought on by accutane.
  3. I can definitely relate.I'm 21and I've also struggled with being suicidal and depression, I also have a twin who is clear ... it feels really unfair and it's hard not to compare. I'm sorry you're going through this, no one deserves this.
  4. bellacat


    Glad to hear you're doing so much better! I've definitely seen improvement. Not clear but 50% better. Probably would be better if I didn't didn't pick so I feel ya there. Thanks for the advice/recommendations!
  5. bellacat


    what type of sulfur do you use?
  6. Hey! I sent you a message, hope you're doing alright.
  7. I agree. feeling embarrassed bc of my acne is so isolating , I have no friends who understand that.
  8. Ugh. I'm sorry. I have a big cyst on my forehead right now where I never break out. how are you coping emotionally, any tips?
  9. Today is so bad, been inside all day with so much anxiety. My face won't stop breaking out and I can't stop picking. I don't know what to do I just want to die. I feel so alone.
  10. So sorry you're feeling self conscious, I'm a women interested other women and I wouldn't even judge someone for their acne - in fact I feel a lot more attracted to women who don't have perfect skin. I think it's partially because I've had acne and It's nice to have some one that gets it. Go for it!
  11. bellacat

    Annoying cyst on facial cheek

    See a dermatologist especially if it smells foul
  12. bellacat

    Need some motivation/positivity

    What you're going through is normal! It can be hard when all you notice are your flaws. I don't know if you have an instagram but something that helps me are looking at accounts of beautiful woman that embrace their acne and continue to be positive and confident. There arnt a lot of lot role models for girls and women with acne or skin troubles in traditional media but it's so common. Sounds like you're making great progress on the accutane as well!!
  13. Had a really bad breakout a couple weeks ago and saw a dermatologist who gave meabout 7/8 cortisone injections which have now all become massive mishapen craters on my already scarred and broken out face. I know they should fill in in 4-6 months but damn. This is very traumatic any words of wisdom or encouragement or experiance? Help.