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  1. This will have gross detail, heads up, looking for advice on how to handle this post popping situation. I was able to successfully pop (i was pretty certain) a deep big red cyst or nodule like pimple a few days ago. It had come up to the surface of my jawline, was tender and sometimes ached on its own, a very small but consistent white head was finally visible (not optimal, but visible). I squeezed from behind and it was pretty quick to painfully pop some at first, and then a bit of a second
  2. I dont know. Im 33 male and had bad puberty acne that cleared up by 25, had a good 5 years, now its been getting worse each year of my 30s. I'm now regularly fighting deep spots and small breakouts around my mouth. I'm at a loss. I've tried improving diet but have held off of trying antibiotics to not get my hopes up from temporary relief, but I'm also circling the depression hole too...
  3. Thanks, it really has me down for letting myself do it again and having to deal with the stress/anxiety of an ugly healing spot (and not knowing when to let the scab form or when to squeeze again, etc). Just the response helps ha. Thanks again
  4. I have a bad habit of getting frustrated when I try to squeeze a pimple and it doesn't come out. Recently I once again tried to get a small pimple out and forced far too much when it resisted and bruised and cut into my skin creating a fingertip sized damaged blotch of skin... Luckily its more on the side of my face (near my temple) so a small bandaid isn't terribly embarrassing, but I don't know the best route. I've done this before, so maybe I'm just looking for support.. but I feel the onl
  5. I'm a 31 yo male with mild facial hair growth (only shave a couple times a week, electric) and frequently when I shave I get a large pink blemish almost perfectly centered in the crease between my chin/lower lip. I don't remember it ever coming to a head, but it usually stays for a few days. Any other males get this from shaving the chin/lower lip?
  6. Thanks, what is what I assume too, it just struck me odd how fast and puffy the surrounding skin got.
  7. I suffer from mild to moderate general acne as well as an increasing frequency of cystic acne. I have been getting "puffy" inflammation around acne more frequently recently. Today I woke up and had no sign of anything this morning. 6 hours later I notice I have a large puffy spot about the size of a dime on my upper chin/lower lip. It does have what feels like a small core, but all the puffy area is soft. If I didn't see it in a mirror I wouldn't even know it was inflamed like that. Any advice o