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  1. I need your help. I was invited to go to a blacklight party tomorrow and I am not sure what my scars would look like. Does the blacklight make the scars/indentations and the scar tissue more visible? I don't wanna go if my scars would look like under harsh lighting...
  2. @Obi wan I wrote you a personal message. Please check your inbox. Thanks
  3. In the morning your face is swollen from sleeping. The scars look better or nearly gone. That's why someone who has done a surgery in the face needs to sleep nearly sitting to avoid further swelling. In natural light the scars might look better, too. I think that you have a few pitted scars which show the second photos, but not sure
  4. Thank you very much. I sent them (Dr. Novick and Dr. Rullan) a message on realself.com Dr. Sadove and Dr. Novick have already answered. Regarding my photos Dr. Sadove recommends Subcision + autofatgrafting and prp. I will have a phone appointment with him next week. I have just emailed my photos to Dr. Novick and I will e-mail them now to Dr. Rullan, too. Thank you for your help, keving100
  5. @keving100 Thank you very much. That is exactly what BA had already recommended to me Do you have the email addresses of Dr. Novick and Dr. Rullan?
  6. I contact Dr. Sadove via the contact form of his website. I am wondering why there aren't email adresses on the websites of the doctors because you cannot attach photos with the contact forms. I cannot find any contact form of Dr. Novick on his website. And I receive an error message whenever I send the contact form to Dr. Rullan. Can you help me with Dr. Novick and Dr. Rullan? Thanks.
  7. Thank you Dr. Sadove is my first choice because he is a surgeon and not only a derm. Dr. Novick is an option because the flights to Tel Aviv are cheap and a friend of my daughter lives there. But if you think that I could benefit more from Dr. Sadove, I would save my money to see Dr. Sadove.
  8. I am from Germany and suffer from severe acne scarring (rolling, boxscars, icepick), laserdamage, fat loss, hypopigmentation and rosacea. I already had 3 ablative Laser treatments, 2 Subcisions (not Nokor), microneedling and filler. I use the Derminator every 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately, the colour of my skin is white and red like scar tissue. Every German doctor who does subcision I went to says something different about my scars. The last doc says that my scars aren't tethered anymore, the oppo
  9. Ebay is a good source. I think that I have some improvement, I hope that I can get more improvement which will be permanent.
  10. viscontour hyaluron ampullen [Edited link out]
  11. Or Germany? Anyone who performs tradtional subcision with the Nokor needle? Or traditional subcision with Nokor anywhere in Europe?
  12. Does anyone here know the name of the doctor who performed Wolkenbruch's fat graft and subcision in Germany? I would appreciate it
  13. On Wednesday I wil get another scar treatment: subcision + microneedling + filler. I usually take several supplements to increase my wound healing/collagen production: opc (red wine/grape seed extract), vitamin c, vitamin d, several minerals, map (master amino profile), zinc and vitamin k2. I stopped taking them a few days ago. I feared the side effect of opc and vitamine k2 because they make the blood thinner like aspirine. Was it a good idea? I want to start taking them again after my scar
  14. ok, microneedling, subcision and then filler juvederm ultra 3 in one session, right? what depth of microneedling? i haven't tried professional microneedling yet. Is it like a dermaroller or like a dermastamp?